Idea: Craftmods and crafting wishes

Is there a way to make basic craftmods like the constitution perk and the mixed constitution + mainstat perks available in faction store?

would be huge for crafters

And make the mixed perks also available for crafting with timeless shards.

just a few suggestions, how to make crafting more enjoyable, with a few small changes

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any opinions


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So i bump it up here again

any opinions?

I disagree. This is one of the few high value items that lower level and lower resource players can get as drops to sell for reasonable coin.

I disagree also, do not move everything you want to fraction vendor, learn to farm or buy from AH.

no. how to have a good economy if you can buy everything from npc

the mods etc is the only way how the rich can contribute to grow the economy by buying from lower wealth players

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