Idea for check dupes in the future

I just think can be made a very easy system like this.

  1. You count all the items in the world and put this number in All_Items_In_The_World

  2. Every time an item it’s dropped from a chest or mob the item it’s added to a counter, the counter can be global or for each person. If the counter it’s for every person you can then add all the PeopleCounters to have the All_Dropped_Items so you can update the total counter only 1 time every hour/day.

  3. You check every hour/day that All_Items_In_The_World = Previous_All_Itrems_In_The_World + All_Dropped_Items

If the number doesn’t match, that mean somehow was a dupe.
It’s not ok to “hear about dupes” on social media like the stuff comunicate to us.

You need to have a system to check this.
This is a very simple version of a check.

Also, if there is an exchage you need to subtract from X person the item and add to the second one. If not you will count 2 times the item when there is only one, before add all people in the all counter.

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