Idea for how to fix Magic Weapons

  1. Remove all references to all 4 magic weapons and their abilities being a specific element.

  2. Tweak some QoL (Useless Perks, buff damage because no gauranteed crit from back attacks) and how a gem change for magic weapons would work.

  3. Make elemental Gems convert 100% of the weapons damage, DoTs and abilities that elemental type. (Damage tweaked because you then loose access to other weapons available gem selection like opals and diamonds).

Now you can have:

  1. Mage Staff (Old FS) - for long to medium range with ANY element.

  2. Mage Gauntlet (Old IG) - for medium to short Range with ANY element.

  3. Spellweaver Gauntlet (Old VG) - For short range or healing with ANY element.

  4. Healing Staff (Old LS) - For healing with ANY element.

Abilities are eitehr renamed or remove any reference to element and now deal damage with respective gem equipped. e.g. Meteor Shower with Arcane Gem now does 100% Arcan damage and its animation is Arcan coloured. Or Flamethrower renamed to “Spellstream” with a lightning Gem equipped now does Lightnign damage, is lightning coloured and applies a dot that is lightnign aspected.

Edit: Since we are already equipping sets with Wards on, now we can have multiple Staves or gauntlets with elemental gems or reslotting Gems specific to mutations so that mages (for a cost) are always dealing the damage type taht an enemy is weak to or that they arent immune to due to mutation modifiers.

Mages will still likely want multiple staves with different attunments for strictly BiS however but before perfect BiS gem swapping is an option to stop you being locked out of combat.

Yes there will be the fact that mage ALWAYS deals that “Weak to” damage but they also have no armour pen or have anyway to gaurantee critical hits like physical classes do.

All Magic Weapons attacks, Abilities and DoTs are 100% based off the elemental Gem equipped. If no ele gem is equipped it deals unaspected non elemental magic damage

Mage Staff - Old Fire Staff
Magus Tree: “Pillar”, “Shower”, “Mageblast” - “Arcane Runes”
Elementilist Tree: “Combust”, “Spellstream”, “Elemental Rush” - New Ultimate “Arcane Presicion” (After 4 secs of not activation an ability your next ability is a gauranteed critical hit.)

Mage Gauntlet - Old Ice Gauntlet
Tempest Tree: “Magewind”, “Magespikes”, “Magiastorm”, Ultimate Magus
Builder Tree: “Magewall”, “Pylon”, “Entomed” (now forms an Azoth caing infised with respective element not just ice), “Etheral Construction” (Replaces Ultimate Frost with a much better Ultimate that effects all skills in this tree)

Spellweaver Gauntlet - Old Void Gauntlet
Annihilation tree: “Petrifying Scream”, “Elemental Blade”, “Oblivion”, “Spellcaller”
Decay tree: “Mage Tether” (Now persists after swapping weapons), “Magus Orb”, “Essence Rupture”, “Glimpse the Unknown”

Healer Staff
Since abilities dont deal damage gems effect the normal attacks only here.

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