Idea for PvE&PvP vendors

There seems to be consensus among players (even within AGS) that there should be more gold sinks in this game.
I have seen the following idea pop up in several threads now, so I wanted to centralize the proposals in one post.
A solution to the mere infinite amounts of gold (& azoth salt) generated on servers could be NPC vendors.

I would like to see several different iterations of them:

  • Vendors that can be found in all towns and are always there. They sell basic materials (greenwood, flint, stone etc.) at a set price and set amount per day
  • Vendors that roam around Aeternum and sell basic (level 1 and 2) furniture specific to the region they are in
  • Vendors that only appear at specific times during an ingame day/night and sell high quality furniture which cannot be crafted
  • Vendors that rarely or randomly appear at set places (kinda like Rafflebones) that sell high quality skins for weapons and armor (could be up to 50k gold for a skin)

All items sold by these vendors would be purchasable with gold and BoP.

  • Vendors that can always be found in the faction enclaves that sell PvP gear:
    → 590gs epic gear for say 25k Azoth Salt with various PvP focused perks (Resilient or Freedom or Shirking Fort. + Refreshing)
    → 600gs legendary gear for 100k+ Azoth Salt (would require uncapped Azoth Salt)
    → PvP only crafting mods, which currently can only be “bought” through the rewards track (exclude Mortal Empowerment from this or make it very expensive)

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to your thoughts and ideas :slight_smile:


We most def need 590 pvp named gear from vendors.

With PvP it doesnt even have to be a new one. Just create a new rank to grind for in a faction, get that done via existing vendors and add the 590 as well as some new rewards there.

Vendors in towns that sell Transmog Tokens & Crafting Mods

Could aswell be added to faction representatives! There they would only have to add the Azoth Salt as spendable resource.

I was just thinking about a way to give the faction enclaves more meaning. Want to buy some decent PvP gear for A-Salt? → Visit your faction’s enclave.

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Vendors that sell Umbral Shards in exchange for Azoth Salt. Only available after you won a round of Arena/OPR

Totally absurd ideas because they always benefit the same players who have an inexhaustible amount of gold! And it would also benefit the gold sellers…
For me, that’s a “NO!” BOLD.

Nothing I proposed is unreachable for anyone. Further those are not items that one would draw any advantage from. A weapon/armor skin is not advantageous. If I want to get my hands on one of those skins I would have to grind the gold for it.

You seem unreasonably involved with the gold seller scene. They make money regardless of what people buy with that gold, duh.