Idea for PvP incentive

I know this would require a lot of coding i am sure. Also this idea stems from Warhammer online and Return of Reckining, the Pvt server for the old game. And posible Lotro as they had a ranking system.

So instead of giving pve advantages for PvP, example more luck or a blackzone which these ideas would kind of force pve players to flag up my idea is as follows.

those that flag up are raw gold generators depending on thier rank of pvp. The gold generated for the kill depends on the rank of the player, 10 ranks max and to attain a higher rank depends on your kill count accumilation. examples I will be basing it off the Marine Corp ranking.

Once lved to the next rank kill count/exp starts back at 0 in the next rank.

E-0 recrute 50 kills to lvl worth 0.2 gold
E-1 Private 100 kills to lvl worth 0.4 gold
E-2 Private First Class 200 kills to lvl worth 0.6 gold
E-3 Lance Corporal 400 kills to lvl worth 0.8 gold

above is bracket 1

E-4 Corporal 800 kills to lvl worth 1 gold
E-5 Sergeant 1000 kills to lvl worth 1.2 gold

above is bracket 2

E-6 Staff Sergeant 1200 kills to lvl worth 1.4 gold
E-7 Gunnery Sergeant 1400 kills to lvl worth 1.6 gold
E-8 Master Sergeant 1600 kills to lvl worth 1.8 gold
E-9 Master Gunnery Sergeant worth 2.0 gold

Once reaching E-9, to prevent everyone from being that rank that rank lasts 1-2 weeks before the character drops back to E-1 (numeral 1)
the character receives a numeral depending on how many times the player has reached the max rank. Upon restart of the ranks the character could recieve a bonus by player choice only active in PvP examples choose +1% in damage, outgoing healing, or reduced incoming damage.

Now, explination of brackets upon death, player that dies recieves a negative point to the exp/kill count needed to lvl depending on which bracket they are in but can not go below the minimum of the lowest in said bracket. Also when a player kills an enemy player they recieve a point depending on which bracket the enemy is at. Depending on which bracket enemy has attained is how many points the winner recieves.


green E-2 kills a purple E-7

green recieves 1.6 gold and 3 points to his next rank
Purple loses 3 points to his next rank but cannot drop to bracket 2 (e-5 due to bad day) but can drop to an E-6

To prevent gold farming and consant killing over and over right outside towns internal cooldown of 5-7 min cooldown is in place before that character is worth gold and points again.

Only times that these internal cooldowns are not in place are during PvP events such as wars and trade rush thing.

This ranking system would give all players to flag up without any pve type benifits other then generating gold for the economy. My thinking is, that as a formor PvP only player I hated crafting/gathering and wanted to just pvp 110% of my time on games. So the pvpers could now do that, pvp, and buy crafted gear, consumable and such off the auction houses or guildmates that prefer to craft and help supply thier pvp players.

Anyhoo, I thought something like this would be great for the pvp community rather then hurting the crafters and gatherers aka the pve community.

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