Idea for spreading out trade across settlements

We know the vast majority of trade occurs in a few settlements…

Limit # of sale listings a player can make PER SETTLEMENT.

I don’t know the right number, but say 20-30 per settlement.

This will force trade to spread out across regions. On a plus side, it would increase the aggregate # of sale listings a player can make in the world.

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Just adding here that i love this idea personally and would love to see lads throw up further ideas in regards to what the devs said about domination of trade towns.

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I would say 50 trades per settlement, 75 if same-faction, 100 if same-company

With at least this much:

  • People who already splitting their orders between two different settlements aren’t harmed
  • People who trade in their company’s settlement aren’t harmed
  • There is a slight incentive to prefer your faction’s trading post
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