Idea how to gain more Azoth without hurting economy or making it overflow

Hello everyone

I got this idea that might be nice and work nicely about obtaining Azoth and I’d like to share it with the community and hear what do you guys think about it and suggest it to the NW in general. There is not many ways to obtain Azoth but randomly dropping bottles, gaining 1-2 per gatherings and corruption portals but many of us are not really interested to chase portals around and gain Azoth so what I though about might actually make it easier and help us with the travel.

We already have Azoth that goes up to 1000, but all Azoth after that is being wasted, gone into nothing. Instead it just disappearing what if we had sort of a separate “spare, storage” container that will add certain amount of “wasted azoth” 1-5% into that container and then using (only) contained Azoth together with Azoth Water and some sort of Vial we can craft (using sand,stone or wever) or obtain from the chests and combining it into Suspended Vials of Azoth (that already exist), some people could make a living of it while others would find a joy in knowing they have some spare Azoth they can make vials with.

Please NOTE that this is just a simple man’s idea. I’d really like to hear your opinion on it if you have something to say, add, suggest yourself and hopefully we might get it into the game!

Wish y’all have a good ass day!

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Yes if we could either just drink the azoth water for like +5 azoth or craft it into suspended vials of azoth that would help out so much.
The only ways to get azoth are portals, out post rush, and wars. After level 60 the desire to do a portal for 20 azoth no matter what level isn’t it.

Some servers are also too dead for out post rush, havent gotten a OPR game in two days, and ive only gotten 300 azoth from an invasion and 300 from a war i did. That 600 azoth is gone D:

You are worried about hurting the economy when there have been like 4 dupes already?

1 of which was created by amazon…

You worried about hurting the economy in an MMO with the weirdest and worst economy in existence? Really?

Want Azoth do portals ull be max in no time… Azoth isnt even hard to get…

Gold on the other hand… well the drop rate for gold is hilariously low… like so low the best way to farm gold is using alt accounts.

make this item perk on tools give 3 azoth again instead of 1-2. Shouldnt have to cut trees for 1 hours just to get less than 200 azoth

i have 10k gold all times and don’t got an issue with gold issues. but why would i run to everfall to run the level 25 portals for 20 azoth each? that’s still slow in its self. Theres no OPR to give azoth so we’re just suggesting stuff

Wow 10k gold.

Probably got it all through trading.

Now think for a second how that gold came into existence in the game…

Oh probably from new players leveling up… as thats the best way to get gold.

Low IQ people like yourself… so annoying.

You wanna give someone azoth… give them suspended vials or buy some and give them to em lmao.

If you for one second think trading someone azoth is anything to worry about given the pathetic state of this game i dno what else to say to you.

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No i got it from Out Post Rush paying out 360 gold a win and not spending it on materials. I don’t buy stuff like green wood and motes. I agree exchanging money through the AH doenst create gold it just transfers it. When We had the player base for OPR there was plenty of gold being generated for people like you.

I still have all my side quest for everytown gold is plentiful for me

and i didnt suggest this i was saying it be cool if we could either drink the Azoth water that’s just a crafting mat or we could craft that into azoth vials. Or simply increase the azoth gain from tools from a 45% chance on 1 azoth gain to some like 50% chance at 2 azoth gain or 45% chance at 3 azoth gain

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