Idea: Making "Random" Open World Spawns (For mobs, resources, ori meteors, world bosses, rare loot chests, rafflebones, treasure maps, abandoned caravans, etc)


I really want to highlight the following thread which really puts together the overall idea behind this thread. My focus here is to create a system that could make this idea a reality. NW - A Compilation of Hopeful Changes - #36 by Rochadura

The goal from a psychological perspective is to move towards rewarding open world exploration instead of punishing skipping the open world (previous expensive Azoth travel costs).

Idea TLDR (The best that I can)

Let’s create a large network of hand placed potential spawn locations. Not all will be active at once, but they can be randomly chosen to become active and spawn something random (based on a spawn table) at that location based on the spawn location’a characteristic (eg. an open field versus a mountain). This can be used with current content and future content and can be used to create the illusion of random spawns in the open world while still giving devs control of where they want things spawning. This would promote more open world exploration allowing for random ore spawns, random world boss spawns, and random dynamic event spawns that cannot be mapped out and “solved” by players.

This will be in addition to static nodes that are currently in the game. So that players that want to gather a specific resource still can do that as an option.

@Fapamara linked a video that perfectly demonstrates this idea on a smaller scale. How To Spawn Items In Random Locations - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

Idea Details

If you use Turkulon, Rafflebones, or Gleemite meteors spawns examples obtained from data mining/user reports, it’s unfortunately limited where these things can spawn. Here are Gleemite spawns for instance.

With the above examples, which I think are wonderful starting points, players ended up mapping their locations and creating routes to farm/camp them most efficiently. People eventually learned where to find them, so we went from wandering around exploring Aeternum at night looking for Gleemite spawns, to just following the most efficient routes. The same went for Turkulon where you would open up the resource map and go to these specific locations instead of searching aimlessly and then announcing the location in global when you found one.

What if we added far more potential locations
(instead of 20? 50? Why not 1000 or even 10,000?)

Then made the selection random and less predictable? This would create a pseudorandom network that all current and future content can pull from. Here is an example below. We have a random section of map at the top where you can see all of the potential spawns (I over exaggerated, the real Staten can start smaller of course). The next image is the same image but instead shows an example of only the current active nodes. You can see how you can get a TON of different possible active node combinations from the 1st image. This makes it so each time you go into this area feel different because of the large amount of possible combinations, on top of each node also having a random thing spawn there.

(Please don’t get intimidated by the number of spawn locations. This is likely not realistic haha. I’ll fix this image later. I just got a wee bit excited. Another thing to consider is you don’t want this too dense because it could make the open would too busy, which we don’t want as well. We just want it to pop, feel dynamic, and give a really cool exploration experience.)

Here you can see all of the possible spawn locations. Black dots are random locations with “roadside” characteristic, yellow are “waterside,” green are “open field,” red are “abandoned town” characteristic nodes, finally blue are rocky areas. More on these characteristics below. These are simple examples as you can have much not diverse characteristics here such as open field, forest, ancient ruins, abandoned towns, rocky hills, shore, shallow water, roadside, etc. Also these nodes also can be separated into small, medium, and large to account for the size of what spawns there. A simple iron ore node would spawn at a smaller one but you might need a medium one for a world boss or orichalcum meteor.

Here is what that same image looks like after the active nodes have been chosen and the inactive ones are hidden. Appreciate that you can make a TON of different images here from the same base image above. This is how we introduce a feeling of randomness while still giving devs the control to hand place nodes. Additionally each node will spawn random things from a spawn table, much like a drop table. This further increases the randomness and allows for rare thing to spawn in these locations. The spawns would follow the node characteristic drop pool. So rocky spawn areas in blue would most likely spawn ore but could also spawn other things such as chests. While roadside may not spawn ores but more likely to spawn mobs. See below for more information on characteristics and spawn tables.

As you can see. The more nodes we start with the greater the feeling of randomness you can create. Compare this to Gleemite where players mapped out where to go. In this situation they would still be very rare, but you would have to explore for them. The other point is that these are generic nodes (compared with Gleemite potential spawn nodes, Rafflebones, Turkulon, etc) meaning there is no way to predict what we be at these locations. Finally each of them would have characteristics based on where they were placed. The ones along the paths, inside abandoned houses, out in open fields, on cliffsides, on mountains, etc would have these characteristics so when a random event pool is made you can essentially have it so each characteristic has its own pool with significant overlap so that they do not feel like specific nodes and therefore can be mapped. This also gives control to devs to prevent ore from spawning in houses, make it so ore is more likely on mountains, treasure map more likely in houses, etc.

To bring it together, instead of having separate Gleemite spawn locations and Turkulon spawn locations we now have nodes that spawn either of them (plus more things!). Players no longer can create efficient routes or camp spawns. Now you explore Aeternum and get rewarded for doing so because it really does feel random.

You could have the following things that can
spawn randomly at any of these 1000+ nodes:

(loot is less random because chest is random, uncommon iron/steel ingot chests, have rare schematic chests, ultra rare asmo chests)
-Starmetal/Orichalcum meteors
-Abandoned caravans on roads
-Stranded travelers with escort missions back to nearest settlement
-World bosses
-Resource nodes
-Treasure maps
-Other ideas

Here is an example of one with labels I haphazardly made up on my phone, don’t judge me haha.

Additional Details

1: Nodes will need to have labels associated with them in code (programmers feel free to correct me, I’m a noob). Each one will need to have at least the following: territory, level difficulty, GS difficulty, characteristic, … (additional ideas go here)

Potential characteristics: Roadside, Cliffside, Rocky area, open planes, forested area, river side, corrupted, beach area, caves, abandoned house, abandoned forge, abandoned kitchen… (additional ideas go here)

These characteristics would also modify what spawns at that location. Anything that is appropriate to spawn in that location should be able to spawn so for instance you might see more ore nodes spawning in rocky areas and cliff side characteristic nodes. Another example is having specific random things spawn inside abandoned buildings you see around Aeternum. The purpose of this is to improve immersion into the world but also provide some skill in terms of knowing where to look for specific things.

What I want to avoid though is to have just random ore nodes (static nodes that always spawn ore, but the ore type is random). Each node should be able to spawn pretty much anything. This system helps with immersion by making things feel more in place most of the time, but also prevent things that don’t make sense. As said before it also gives more control to the devs. Additionally it saves time in the long run as you can easily code in the random presents on the roadsides for Christmas events by having them only spawn at places with roadside characteristic. Abandoned caravans would naturally spawn at roadsides. During Halloween you could have jack-o’-lanterns spawn at night in forests. You get the idea. It removes the need to hand place specific spawns with each and every update. Instead you just add the new content to what is essentially a spawn table.

Level difficulty also can be important and make it so content can be focused at certain levels or even GS (after 60 of course, otherwise it is labeled as null?). Despite this being a characteristic I also want to avoid this meaning that all high level content will only be in high level areas. The purpose of this is to open up exploration everywhere. We still want high level world bosses spawning in EF, we might just not want them everywhere in EF. So you might see level 60 or 625 GS random nodes in EF (even though it’s a low level area) but these nodes might not be near common low level questing areas. They also can just as easily spawn a random chests or iron ore as I described above, but it has the potential to spawn crazy stuff as well.

2: Nodes will have to have both a coordinate and a small associated area associated with them. This would be stored in the characteristics. We would have small and medium initially, but eventually large could be added in the future. This helps outline a safe area so we don’t have issues where a larger randomized node/dynamic event spawns in a place it should not.

A small one would allow for a range of random things to spawn including mob spawns, uncomplicated bosses, resource nodes, treasure maps, chest spawns, …

A medium one would open up more complicated boss fights, caravan dynamic events, …

A larger one could potentially be miniature invasions, a fight between two enemy types that sporadically happens, an ambush on a caravan you find in the wild and need to defend, and epic level world boss fights.

The rationale for this is to allow these spots to have a diverse amount of things to spawn in them. An ore, a tree another, a chest, and different mobs may all have different sizes but if you have them spawn at the main coordinate and already know that the 5m? 10m? around it is clear and won’t interfere with the spawn/break immersion for the player, so you have less potential issues. It let’s future things years from now be added safely knowing which size of node you need to use.

3: Not all nodes are active at once. We will have more nodes than we have things spawned. This is fundamentally how the pseudorandom system operates. Please see consideration section for discussion.

Please see the video below in the comments by @Fapamara describing this idea in Unity on a smaller scale. Which is really cool seeing that this is something that has been done already on a smaller scale.

4: Some active nodes create spawns at global cooldown (a chest gets placed in the world) while others are designated as active and has a random event primed (meteor events, Rafflebones, etc) that only become active when a player steps into that area. This prevents meteors from falling at 5am at global cooldown time (or whenever a new ones spawns during the day) and instead only spawns when a player is present and able to see the amazing display. The sound effect <3. The crashing of trees. Etc. Otherwise if a meteor fell at global spawn time and no one was around to see it knock down all of the trees, did it make a sound? The meteor ore would then stay in the area for a few hours then auto despawn if <50% of the ore remains in the ground after that time. To prevent what happened with Gleemite where a player would miss a single shard and it would prevent any future spawns at that location. I also added Rafflebones here which would be unique compared with other mob spawns because there is a timer associated with them.

5: The compass could have meaning again! I know developers purposely did not create a minimap because they wanted to avoid breaking immersion. Well with a random system like this you really can’t have a minimap and it brings back relevance to the compass as well (as people can just look up the static spawns anyways). A really cool idea but perhaps outside of the scope of this post would be to create an exploration/tracking skill that would then allow players to track these dynamic events, chests, etc. This does a few things as it forces the hardcore and completionist players into the open world (although ideally this is intended to promote exploration anyways as it will now feel rewarding). You would then gain xp reach time you interact with something that spawned at one of these random nodes, the rarer the more xp. Ideally I would love to see this as a really difficult skill to train. Make it 10x the investment as fishing (not kidding) because many people won’t be grinding this skill as it essentially rewards open world play. It’s something you might see maxed when you hit 300-500 hours playing naturally. If it is like skinning (can be maxed in like 1-2 hours?) then it feels pointless and there isn’t any gratification from maxing it.

6: Day and Night specific spawns. Would have to discuss this in the context of how resource nodes spawn and respawn. If there is a system where they change with the day/night cycle then this would be a really cool addition. We already had it with Gleemite spawns already. Gleemite for instance literally had me waiting for nighttime, being like ugh why is night shorter than daytime in this game, etc. All of that was a good thing haha. It literally gave nighttime a meaning in the game. Love this.


1: The up front work is pretty massive. This is intended to be an investment. The upfront work makes future content quicker to develop as you don’t need to hand place specific nodes (planning presents along the road for the holiday event). It also creates an intensely rewarding experience that I feel is strongly in line with the vision for this game. The developers want us to explore the beautiful open world. This would be a system that will be entirely unique when compared to other MMOs and to create an experience that truly gives a player a new experience each time they go into the open would. It rewards exploration. Regardless I do want to acknowledge that this is a ton of work.

2: Static nodes will not go away. This will be in addition to them. There is a balance that needs to be made between giving people consistent resource gathering routes and rewarding exploration and open world content. If it’s too random then people get frustrated but if it’s too static then it gets boring and people find the most efficient routes and ignore all of the rest, which isolates the open world into gathering routes.

3: Not all nodes would be active at once. I think this is important because lag should be considered when developing this idea. It also is necessary for the pseudorandom effect)* Also balancing the frequency of more server resource intensive events is important as well. They would not only be more rare and less likely to occur but there would be a world cap for the possible number of these events that could be spawned at once. Just to prevent that 0.001% chance of a server crash from multiple of them randomly spawning despite being a rare event.

4: Rotating spawns. A potential issue that could come up is that players are going to look only for the rare and exciting spawns and ignore the low level stuff. If you run through this in your head, by the end of a day most of the nodes will turn into less desirable nodes over time unless people are gathering the less desirable ones at the same time. I hope that makes sense. We also don’t want them randomly flipping throughout the day. Imagine seeing a super rare 0.001% chest spawn in the distance only to see it disappear in front of your eyes because you happened upon it at the wrong time. This also breaks immersion as you will constantly see things changing around you (or does it? Aeternum is constantly changing, the dead come back to life from Azoth). As a result we can piggyback on the upcoming global cooldown system they just created. Have all nodes change at 5am every morning. This could create a potential problem though as hardcore players may wait for this moment to rush around the map looking for the rare nodes. Again, not a bad thing because you literally just got the entire hardcore playerbase overnight to explore Aeternum! That’s awesome! You also could have it so it also resets at 7pm or 8pm (use your AGS metrics to determine the best time) to include more casual players in the hunt as well. I imagine the new global cooldown system would allow for a second time to be added that is exclusive to this system. Another potential fix that could be explored is to have it so rare and uncommon nodes don’t refresh into something else until someone interacts with it (5% or 10% and below rarity cutoff?). Then you can have everything else cycle every so often.

5: Active and Inactive nodes (continued). How will these be handled? We know that we can’t have all of the nodes active at once otherwise lag and server stress will be an issue. Also the system depends on having both! One fix is to have the active and inactive nodes selected at global cooldown time. The game selects the 5% that will be active and 95% that will be inactive and then only those are used for the day (one idea, less desirable). This removed some of the random feel as you can then technically chart out where the nodes are for the day and run them. Again this would change every day so still gives a fresh new feel every day. Another idea would be to have it so active and inactive will constantly swap throughout the day (I think this is better). You set the active nodes at beginning of the day but when a node is exhausted it becomes inactive. This then gives a single credit to the server to activate a currently inactive node which is chosen at random. This makes it so it can’t ever really be mapped.

Additional Comments,/Thoughts

1: Random thoughts regarding why this is an important idea based on current existing content. Corruption portals are an example of an event but what makes them less exciting is because they are always there and always in the same location. With this system we can have events like the corrupted portals but they would feel better because they are not always there, some of the potential events in this system would be uncommon, rare, extremely rare, and even mythic rare (occur like once a month on a server or just rumored to happen). This makes them so much more exciting to stumble upon. This also let’s you increase the rewards. You can’t have corrupted portals reward too much because they can be farmed consistently, but this just isn’t possible with a pseudorandom system.

2: PVP could absolutely be integrated into this by adding things that can spawn at these nodes that act as beacons drawing PVP players to these locations. I think of it similarly to how world bosses would work, where there is a world wide announcement that a world boss has spawned causing a large number of PvE players to that location. Why not have it announce that a PVP event area has spawned to get all of the PvP players together in one location? One disadvantage of an open world PvP system is that it’s highly diluted. This fixes that issue. An alternative way if doing it is to have some world bosses only take damage when flagged (would have to make it so this isn’t always the case so we don’t isolate PvE only players). Obviously would need rewards associated with the events and I’m speaking in broad and abstract terms when I say beacon. This could be anything with rewards. Another random idea would be escort missions that only work while flagged and your position is announced to the nearby territory. There would be the equivalent PvE version where mobs randomly attack you along the way.

3: Abandoned caravans on roads. This is just an example of what could be one of many different random events that use a players trade skills and reward xp accordingly. For instance this could ask a player to bring back wood to repair a cart. You would gather wood from nearby trees. There would be a place to make timber in the caravan from the gathered wood and you would use it on the cart to fix it. This would require a certain furnishing level and award generous furnishing xp. You can have generous rewards with random content like this because by the nature of random content, it cannot be consistently farmed. Other caravans could essentially be interesting looking chest spawns as you can loot the abandoned caravan for materials.

4 Credit to @Fapamara for the original idea.
I love the idea of finding a treasure map on the ground or in abandoned houses. There are so many pre-set static chests out there. Why not make it so after you acquire the map via a random node, it makes it so a random static chest on the map spawns an alternative reward for that player. The map then shows a zoomed in area with an x indicates which static chest they need to loot. Restrictions would be that a player can only have one active at a time (essentially another won’t be lootable until you complete your current one). There are so many houses in this game that you could place random nodes with a chance of spawning one of these maps. It fits nicely because you can use the above node characteristics (house characteristics). You could also have it spawn in a forest node under a heavy stick or rock. Maybe you find it from looting an abandoned caravan on the side of the road. The action (go to x location) is incredibly easy to code I would think, but it feels so much more different than an NPC telling you to go to a specific location, similar to the townboard quests. This is because of the exploration aspect of having found a random map and the excitement associated with that. You can also make the rewards so much better because you can’t keep repeating these things adnauseum because they are uncommon/rare to find and built around a pseudorandom system. Also all rewards don’t have to be coins but this could be a great way to get gems as well.

5: Just a really random thought but… imagine posts on this forum and reddit that come from this system. It would really promote excitement and awe within the game. “Look what I found exploring Aeternum!” having found one of those 0.00001% (maybe exaggerated, maybe not haha?) events, chests, bosses. Never have you seen someone posting that they found a corruption portal before because they are everywhere and static. This will change that!

I appreciate any and all feedback and constructive criticism. Seriously. If you can think of ways this may break then let me know or even better suggest a potential fix!


Work in progress! I appreciate any and all feedback while I work on this idea. I’ve posted it elsewhere but really wanted to work on details specifically and help do as much legwork on the idea as possible to make it more likely that it will eventually be implemented.

We all know this game has amazing potential. I am hoping this brings back some of that wow factor we all had when we first explored the game. So that we all get back out there and wander Aeternum again instead of finding ourselves waiting in towns all day or following predetermined resource gathering paths. Otherwise we will get Brimstone Sands and be wowed like none other, but then find ourselves back into the same gameplay loop we are now when we should be out in the open world exploring and fighting random world bosses, instead of repeating instanced dungeons and OPR.

Thanks for reading!!


mate I absolutely love these well thought out ideas it would definitely give some more fun to the exploration of the word.

Thanks! Definitely a compilation of a ton of great people working together. I just fell in love with the idea of a partially randomized world to explore. This game has its strengths and weaknesses but this would be a way to completely lean into one of the games greatest strengths.

If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them. Even more ideas to add to what can spawn at these nodes. This would be really cool on release but I think what makes it even more exciting is how it will evolve in a year or a decade of development. So any additional random spawns/quests/mobs/resource ideas/etc I would love to hear them.

In meantime I’m gonna work on adding some of these pictures soon

Sometime ago i made a similar suggestion. I like the idea in general and i think it will solve many of the current problems in New World.

I love the game and been following it since alpha. But there is something that I never understood. One of the main ideas of New World was “we want the players to explore the world”. They said that thousand of times. But yet, made a game that you can play from level 1 to 60 with a macro. Everything on NewWorld has a predefined position, time, respawn, etc.

This is the main reason of having so much Bots in game. It’s super easy to make a macro to run from node 1 to node 2, etc. Or spawn camp a node, knowing the respawn timers.

Another big problem of the current system: There is absolutely no reward for exploring. None, cero, nada. You won’t find any secret location, or awsome resource nodes hidden, or a chest. Nothing at all. The fact that there is a website that has ALL the spawn locations for chest, mobs, resources, etc, is just sad. Takes away all the magic in a game like this.

If New World changed most of the systems to a randomly generated locations, to a more “natural” feel of the world. If will be awsome.

Resources like stones, ore, plants, hemp, etc. Could have areas where they can spawn, but not specific X / Y locations. Imagine climbing a random mountain in Ebonscale Reach to discover 5 big Ori nodes waiting for you.

Of course this idea needs a lot of work and knowing about some of the Engine limitations, but I hope AGS start to think on this and find a way to implement some randomness in the game.

I want to explore the shores of First Light and find a washed up chest with some good loot.
Or find hidden caves with lots of Silver, Gold, or Ori.
Find a treasure chest out of a pirates map.
Walk to a field full of Hemp :smiley: in the middle of nowhere.


I appreciate the work and effort that went into this. That said players dont like random. Look at how much distaste is given towards the random loot and random crafts. Your talking about randomizing the world on that level. Players will quickly grow tired of an inability to camp locations for what they want to farm.

In the real world imagine being hungry and going to go get your favorite food at your favorite resturant and its never in the same spot in town. Or imagine if products in a grocery store where randomly reassigned random locations each time you went to the store.

If you didnt know better you might accept it but if youd seen perminent locations and well laid out stores youd think it was a bad idea.

Random highly specialized events are okay but, fully randomizing normal everyday resources and enemies would be a really bad idea.

There is a very real reason we evolved from hunter gatherers and started farming and mining in real life.

That said they need better anti farm mechanics. Either fully or partially personalized nodes that have mechanics to discourage farming the same pattern over and over for long hours. They need far better anti bot systems and quicker identification and penalties.

Also from a technical stand point it would take an immense unwarranted number of man hours to build random spawn regions and get appropriate map node alignments that work and dont break pathing. Imagine building stuff in fallout 3, then expect a computer to dynamically and randomly build those things. Ai isnt good enough yet.


I totally agree with this. I remember when I thought that things were placed randomly. It was such a magical time for me haha.

I totally agree. You literally are describing something I would think most players would get excited about. That’s why I’m trying to think of something that fits within the confines of their system. Maybe true randomness isn’t possible but perhaps we can create a network of hand placed spawn location nodes to make this more possible. By giving them characteristics we can have it so the ones with a beach label could have a washed up chest spawn, forest characteristic maybe a mossy chest, mountains and cliffsides giving ori ore, and maybe even more intricate things!

I love the idea of finding a treasure map on the ground leading to a player following it to the loot. You have so many pre-set static chests out there. Why not make something where after you acquire the map via a random node, the chest on the map spawns an alternative reward for that player when looted (then the map disappears). There are so many houses in this game that you could place random nodes with a chance of spawning one of these maps. That or have it spawn in a forest node under a heavy stick or rock. Maybe you find it from looting an abandoned caravan on the side of the road. The action (go to x location) is incredibly easy to code I would think, but it feels so much more different than an NPC telling you to go to a specific location because of the exploration aspect of having found a random map. You can also make the rewards really good because you can’t keep repeating these things adnauseum because they are uncommon/rare to find.

Love the idea and may add that somewhere in here with your name attached to it! Really cool!

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Ooo thanks! Yeah that’s why I’m thinking we can have this in addition to static node placement (oops said random first time). I wrote a little about this but I totally agree, if it’s too random is frustrating. Imagine wanting to train mining and can’t find ores.

Yeah, I want it so mostly anything can technically spawn at all nodes with obvious exceptions that don’t make sense. At same time I want them to have characteristics where it changes the probability of what spawns there. Kinda like a loot table but a spawn table. This might also help avoid some of your initial point, where if you want to train mining you will explore mountains and cliffsides and get rewarded for that.

Definitely agree. I actually designed this without bots in mind and solely focused on player enjoyment. By having static nodes around it won’t get rid of bots but it might reduce their impact on legit players as they can still explore and find nodes that bots will likely not be able to find or are less likely to at least.

Totally agree with this and it’s my one main consideration. This is a big project. Definitely will be pseudorandom as I suggested because I agree, computers likely won’t get it right at this point in time but I am hoping I can make an argument that this may be worth it for multiple reasons. One it will keep players and bring players back. There other is that it might actually save time making future content as well.

Another consideration is that maybe the network can start smaller and they can increase is size over time. I am thinking big because it’s exciting but understand that we gotta be realists as well haha

I think on this one your missing the point. We only have 3 metal ore types you mine. Iron, starmetal and ori. What you need is very specific.

People would be mad if there favorite star metal spot started having occasional iron, even if it also had ori. Because some folks need and want to farm just star metal.

Think about a gold mine in real life. What if everyday you go to mine and the mineral deposits changed. We would not have gold mines.

Now an amazing resource sysyem ive seen was in swg where we had no nodes. You surveyed and found highest concentration of something and sat there and collected it at a rate based on concentration.

Resources had stats that affected crafting. Literally thousands of random permeations on steel.

And the resource map moved priodically. You could build harvesters in the open world to gather while you where away.

I like the idea of random blooms or meteorites bringing extra materials. Something that you can see and hear everywhere in the zone.

You can also have dynamic controlled areas where factions of npcs are dominant and that dominancy changes based on player activity.

Omg, yeah SWG truly is the pinnacle of MMOs haha.

Yeah I think I get your point and I definitely don’t want ore nodes that have random ores. It’s more of a chance to see an ore node of any type in certain general locations more frequently. Not sure how to explain the difference in my head but it’s subtle.

The first example is that you go to x location where you see a group of 3 ores all the time but what ore they are is random. Those three ores are always in that specific location. I do not want that. Instead you go to the top of a mountain and there is a chance there is nothing there (most likely), chance there is an ore of a random type (highest chance if something does spawn), or a chance of something else (chest, etc)

The first scenario you could make resource paths to run but the whole time you are angry because it’s like, ugh I want starmetal and this is iron. There second you are just exploring mountains hoping to find ores.

This is all while having the static nodes we already have now. So for some players they might set up a known starmetal route, but they might check nearby mountains or rocky areas along the way.

If we got rid of the static nodes I totally agree it would be frustrating for miners. If that makes sense.

@Sonickat my reply function messes up unfortunately so hopefully this works instead.

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But once you find it you expect to be able to go back and get it.

What you could do is introduce abandoned mine shafts similar to water wells that you can loot. So random rewards make sense. A hill top might have 5 potential abandoned mines but only one up at a time. Respawn times from 30m to 4 hours. That would simulate randomness but its still farmable by path by bots sadly.

When looted based on luck it might have any number of qty of a number of minerals. The longer its untouched it accumulates more materials. When you loot it, its gone.

Creatures dont need this except maybe random elites with goodies poping up in wierd spots.

Fiber can be abandoned garden plots or nusuries.

Wood just needs to be mixed up more with more ironwood and wyrdwood trees.

It would be kind of cool to have npc workers that can be setup to mine and harvest an area. They dont consume nodes but have an inventory of materials they collect for you kind like harvesters in swg. Might make the world feel more vibrant.


Yeah it’s definitely hard to balance the immersion aspect of it. Why an ore is there one day and not another. I guess we could argue that ore nodes don’t make much sense in general haha but I see what you mean. Maybe finding more generic nodes like you mentioned might be a way around that? I also like this idea of an untouched node gathering more minerals, maybe rarer ones? This would actually help fix one of my issues where stale nodes not being interacted with. Thanks for the feedback!

Last thought… rivers are notorious for carrying minerals down stream. Random nodes along rivers for ore would make since.


Ooo, yeah wouldn’t mind gold and silver ore in a stream for some gold rush flavor as well.


This is brilliant. I hope the devs seriously consider all of these suggestions! It would make world exploration incredibly fun and fulfilling.

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Thank you! I’m am really excited about the possibilities.

Good post.great ideas.would definently be fun.

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Thank you! Anything in particular you like about it? Anything you would change?

I dont think so. Looks very thought out and would definitely help with folks like me who make there gold gathering materials to sell.


Yeah there are so many people I’m hoping to help with this idea but resource gathering is absolutely one of them.

You can use your normal starmetal gathering route and along the way find random resources that would be placed around the current static nodes. For those wanting a specific resource, the static nodes wouldn’t go away.

You can wander randomly instead as these nodes would be less likely to be impacted by bots. You can gravitate towards rocky areas and mountains to find ores or towards fields for fibers, but also enjoying the random surprise of things spawning pretty much anywhere. At the same time you will be rewarded with random chests and even rare mob spawns if you choose to engage.

I really am excited. Thanks again for the comment!