Idea: Marriage Ring

Hello, I was thinking if the dev team could add a ring which you can obtain for two people( a couple),
This ring give a certain % of bonus xp (and why not some LUCK boost since almost everyone is 60 now) That should be wore by the two in order for the buff to work, they also need to be in the same party.
In order to obtain it, I think the devs should add a priest npc, the priest give a quest (or series of quests to obtain it) each character can only get married one time in order to not abuse it.
I mean it’s like real life, marriage is a big deal so make sure which man/women you marry haha!


Thank you for your feedback. I have passed along your ideas to our team! :smiling_face:

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I like your optimism. I thought the perk should be some type of a health/regen debuff.

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I want to level up this skill so I can perform marriages under the name of the spark!!

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That would be cool too tbh a profession or role that make you craft the ring of marriage or bless the marriage lol

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Im with Richter on this, maybe also include a loss of 100 gold every hour you play. Double as a gold sink eh?

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There needs to be a crafter name on the ring.

They will need also to craft for each other. Make it such that wood ring for jewellery 50, silver for 100, gold for 150 and platinum for 200.

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looks at wedding ring only to realize it was crafted by a player named BOOBS69


I say this in support of having all crafted items have the name of the crafter in it because it’s a cool touch. It’s just there are some interesting names out there lol.


Dun buy what you will not wear.

If you wear it then bare the shame.

It’s all fair.

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Do you lose half your stuff on divorce?


Offcourse community is in all kind of weddings. Like triple weddings etc etc.

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Lmao, imagine all the fat dudes playing female chars catfishing other dudes. The drama would be funny as hell.

Ring is ok, but wedding is too far….
90% of the female characters are played by guys…

what happens if we marry 5 ppl ? :slight_smile:

give this boni to gay’s etc aswell then
and everyone who doesnt want to marry, since this is forcing people to do smth for a bonus lel

aka unfair advantage

Sounds like someone is talking from experience…
Did you find something unexpected when you entered the bedroom?

If ever implemented, please let us also have some sort of divorce option as well.

Nope I dun go into the bedroom with everybody I meet from game…. Unlike you….

BUMP i used to think about this at launch the role play possibilities of new world is endless

i agree with roleplay possibilities…
the other day we were discussing about in company to pretent to be cult and wear the same twich skins and go in winsward chuch for sermons and stuff ^^