Idea : Master Sets

I’m not sure if this has been brought up before, but it would be great to be able to combine our existing crafting sets.

For example, either through crafting or a small quest, I could combine my Chef’s , Weavers, Smelters, Wood Workers, Stone cutters, etc int one Master Refining Set.

We could keep the armor / weapon crafting / arcane separate. This would be solely for the material professions. A Master Crafting Set

and then you could go one step further and make a Master Gatherers set as well.

I would recommend requiring 200 in each skill in the category. 200 in each refining, plus all 5 items refining items for the slot, and then a small quest for each slot.

This would be a huge QoL improvement. Not only in crafting your dailies, but inventory management as well.


This would just be so good to have…

I think so as well, I hope someone notices this thread.

I second this post having a master set would be so much more convienent than having a storage chest full of outfits

I had thought about being able to store the specific sets in their respective workstation. But the idea of master sets is even better!

Shameful bump to keep this up enough for someone to hopefully see it.

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This would have the issue of stats. You want 300 when gathering, but for the refining set yes, nice idea.

I suppose they could just give all the gathering bonues, and have some fixed set of stats (perhaps select from str/con/dex when crafting it)

I’m honestly not worried about the stats. If I need to change them I’ll respec. This is more so about having multiple sets, taking up bank space. Plus ease of switching between crafting etc.

requested many many many many many times.

My point was the gathering give full stats e.g. wearing full lumberjack you can get 300 con, Skinning 300 Dex. So a master set would have to do something else (since it can’t give 300 con/, str and dex). As I said it could just give all the bonuses that the stats give (+speed, +yeild etc).

kinda had that idea months ago. got ignored.


shameful plug.

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