Idea on Transmog/suggestion for future release

If you can’t figure out how best to implement this feature, maybe this could be a possible outcome-

  • Make the faction rep have an item that you purchase for tokens- to copy a skin of your choice so you could apply it to said item you would like to re-skin, aside from buying specific skins from the store: Even if it costs 10k tokens, I would farm all day and I hate farming. I would even revisit low level areas of interest for those skins and so on.

Token sink, effective and worth farming. This would put a LITTLE bit of incentive for people to participate in more faction quests/PvP/PvE in general.

I know there have been TONS of threads about transmogs but I feel like this could work.
Most of the transmog threads have been closed long since it’s first suggestion to be an added feature so I thought it was time to reinvest time to make this thread active again.

Anyways- Thanks for your time.


pawease do this. Bump

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Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Jubbin,
Thank YOU for taking YOUR time to make this thread and give your feedback. We definitely want to hear it and love to find ways that we can improve. Ill get your tokens and transmog ideas sent over to the dev team. Have a great day!


I hope its free but if not you definitely cant make it irl money if you dont get it as a permanent skin forever on any piece of that type, because you swap and replace gear soo much.

I just want to rock my faction gear…

Faction tokens! I was only spitballing numbers, obviously 10k is pretty high but even 1k-10k is something I wouldn’t mind so long as I can transmog my gear this way. maybe not even this particular way but it feels like it would be a neat addition.

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