Ideal stats for main tank?

Can someone please tell me what’s the best allocation of stat points for someone who’s a main tank? I’m kind of confused on how much points you have to allocate to strength and constitution. Thanks in advance!

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Are you level 60 yet? One tip I can give you at lvl 60 is to hit up the marketplace, buy all the con/str or dex armor and weapon pieces you want. Once done, put it all on, zero out your attributes with a respec, and then allocate where you want them.

Yup, I’m at level 60 already. Been 60 a few days ago, it’s just annoying because every time I change gear, some stats go overboard. For example, I have 249 constitution but since I changed gear, it goes way lower and strength goes overboard.

Ya it is annoying, luckily they nerfed the respec cost. The 80% dmg reduction is where i swapped over to my other stat to get more dmg. One day I wanna test 300 srr for the grit, but I went musketeer for now. Tired of the slow kill speed as a tank when solo

So there’s no real proper allocation of stats I assume? Since the gear will always come into play?

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A real, classical tank will have 300 constitution and then throw what’s left into either str or dex depending on your off weapon. Everything into constitution until 300.

It’s pretty slow soloing but in groups people will call you a “god tier tank.” I get that a lot.

S&S plus Spear for the 30% rend and superior cc when soloing, and the extra taunt when tanking.

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Depends what you want. For a good mix in pve and pvp I prefer 200 con, 50 dex, rest into strength.

Full heavy and 200 con is minimum for tank. Rest can go to strength, or dex/int depending what weapon you prefer.

Im not sure about pvp tanks, vut the 80% dmg reduction perk felt like a sweet spot for dungeons and negating the pvpers running the onyx 30% dmg on full hp targets.

That perk is wrongly described and might be bugged I think.

I thought so… it felt like it just doesnt work

So even if I am a strength / constitution type, I still need to put 50 dex?

What weapon you use

I think for PVP it’s a solid choice and it opens a lot of additional gear rolls up to you.

There is still alot of theorycrafting and builds being figured out, dont be afraid to experiment.

I’m using a Great Axe / Hatchet / Sword and Shield and Warhammer. I was just curious of the allocation of stats, for example like a minimum of 200 points all put into constitution then the rest of my stats will be gear based? Something like that.

I have done Genesis dungeon with 200 con but have not done Lazarus yet. PVP should be fine with 200 con.

At 60 myself and I use 250 Cons 100 Strength and 50 DEX.

The gain from 250 to 300 is about 1500 HP.
It’s a nice buffer but you’ll start to run into threat issues without propping up your damage a bit.

I “cheated” a little in that I crafted a full suit of Heavy Orichalcum for myself with the exact stat spread I needed to get my stats the way I wanted them.

Spear and Hammer as sub weapons for SnS are amazing for the damage you can squeeze from them with minimal dps investment from attributes as they get some significant boosts from their mastery perks.

What’s the 50 Dex for again sorry?

oh boy…here we go with the bad advice. A tanks threat doesn’t come from damage…it comes from blocking and taunt cycling. Block generates more threat than attacking, you only drop block when a stagger would be bad. your strength doesn’t matter, neither does your DEX…all that matters is CON.