Idea/recommendation for Territory Pushes

While talking with my Company tonight about how we wished there was more engaging fun ways to push a territory and the forts having more use/importance in flipping them. We thought it might be fun and engaging if when you take a fort, it slowly (not too slowly, but also not crazy fast) ticked territory standing towards pushing a war.

This would force the defending faction to actually defend the fort, and possible start a 3 way war trying to take and hold the fort. You wouldn’t HAVE to just run pvp missions, but you COULD still while also holding the fort slowly ticking influence the longer you hold it.

Additionally, any deaths inside a radius around the fort could count towards influence push + or - depending on who is dying.

I feel like this would provide another, more engaging way to push a territory while also promoting actual pvp and having a target in the territory that is worth defending. The issue with this is, if lots of people show up (which is likely to happen) it might bog down the server and lag the area out.

At the very least, maybe this will help add to ideas or start more conversation on solutions/additions to make it more fun for everyone.

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Already suggested many times :frowning: thanks for your times :slight_smile:

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