Ideas for fun Server Events

Hey all, just wanted to get some ideas on what may be fun community events we can run on any of our servers.

Things like farming materials as a giant group, dueling tournaments, small scale team pvp tournaments, outfit contests, server wide guild recruitment drives, etc.?

What do you think would be fun for this type of game?

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I think you have good ideas.

To play Devil’s Advocate for a minute, I wonder how many people would participate? People don’t seem to be very interested in cooperative play with anybody but their company/guild, especially in a game where nodes can’t be shared by the group.

Having said that …

I think a small subset of the population would be interested in events like this. For players of a certain mind-set, it would really foster a spirit of community.

Please don’t think I’m trying to hijack your thread! I’ve broken up my very long reply into separate posts for the TL:DR people.

Let me brainstorm this for a minute. I’m thinking about, for example, your idea of farming mats in a giant group. I think that by nature, in an MMORPG like this one, people are much more likely to compete (in a spirit of nastiness, for the most part) for nodes than they are to cooperate. When’s the last time you saw a player in ANY game run up to a node that you’re running up to, step back, and say, “You can have this one. I’ll take the next one.”?

But let’s run with this idea for the small subset of people who DO like cooperative gameplay. Let’s take this idea of group farming but make it an easier to manage small group of 5 players. They could go together to an area that’s rich in iron ore. After a set amount of time, everybody pools their iron and shares it.

Since there’s no shared storage, the only way to do this would be for everybody to give their ore to one designated group leader, who then splits the stack into multiples of five and gives them back to each participant, one by one. it would require an immense amount of trust, but it could work with the right group of people.

The reason I suggest a smaller group of people is that you can’t split a stack withing your own inventory. You’d have to parcel out x amount of ore to each person at a time. It would be time consuming.

Your idea of a outfit contest would probably be easier to implement. I’ve seen it in other games. You could have a fashion show with a panel of judges, and some kind of prize to be awarded to the winner(s). Some people would have fun with that.

I’m sorry that odds of my being on your server are so slim, because I like the way you think, and it would be fun to make some of these ideas into reality.

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Very true, it probably would be more competitive than collaborative. Appreciate the devil’s advocate and replies!

Could do a race of sorts. Go into enemy territory with PVP on and see who can collect the most number and quality of resources. Kind of like a high score run for the fun of it.

The great reaping race! lol.

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A fun server event would be actual working servers xD

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Yeah true, server limitations are rough alting makes it even more challenging.

When populations calm down they should enable “visiting” other servers for activities or something perhaps.

Still appreciate the kudos, I am on Oceana but probably moving the guild to Houssa.

Also love your name lol.


You must main fire staff just dropping burns like that lol.

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