Ideas for future that I would love

I had a few ideas for quality of life or just future game ideas that I would love to hear others opinions on them. They are in no particular order.
(I also apologize if an other forum touched on some or all of these. Or if the devs have already said it will be or won’t be added)

  1. I have noticed that when you have rest Exp more then your current LVL a little green bar goes about your current exp bar.
    I would love if this was for territory standard for the zone your in and maybe for weapons exp.

  2. For the auction house, I think it’d be easier to navigate if you clicked on an item in it and it brought up a list of all of that item being sold. I know you could just once you find said item or if you know what you’re looking for search it specifically. But I do feel it would make it a lot less cluttered looking while you’re just browsing through.

  3. Schematics and recipes should not let you use them if you know them and/or show that you have them learned. Having to look them up at the kitchen/workshop to see if you have it is tedious. As well as the fact that for schematics you have to go to scrap them to know what they are called in the workshop.

  4. For armor and weapon skins, some concerns I have seen is not being able to see if someone is wearing heavy or light armor, and that if they add it, it will be cash shop.
    For seeing armor:you cant see that now . I could be wearing all heavy but use the prime skin and you could tell. Or in some cases they may be wearing a heavy chest and light everything else. I feel that the dodge is the best way to know what someone is wearing.
    For cash shop: for a balance they could give like 3 gear cosmetic built slots. So you could have 3 different apparel looks. And anymore after that could be cash shop. For the already cash shop skins you can’t dye them and they can just keep them unique.

  5. Similar to 4 but with stat builds. Having loadouts that still cost the same amount of azoth to change but can be a quicker way to. Can have 3 unlocked through quests and any additional ones unlocked through cash shop same with weapon loadouts…

  6. Marriage and shared housing. When I watched the housing videos they had a couple buying a house. I would love if you could marry in game and then have 1 shared house. Maybe even share the bank in that area. It could be behind a really long pain in the butt quest line.

  7. Last but not least … paint for your house. There’s quite a few houses that I would be tempted to buy if it wasn’t for their color internal and external. They can still be town themed so you could have like a bright neon pink house in brightwood.

These are all just things I feel could make the game better for me and I understand not everyone would. But I will say I am greatly enjoying the game so far.

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I’d love to see gardening. Limit it by house size if necessary. As a cook, I’d love to be able to grow a few of my own herbs / spices.

Later on, farming might even be fun. They could even have micro-invasions to defend your farm from beasts or other npcs. Open these to any level player who signs up (automatically making everyone the level of the invasion).

Anything to add more content for everyone.

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I love the idea of gardening. They could limit it to some indoor planters for houses without yards or larger outdoor ones for yards.

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