Ideas for Territory Control

With storage and fast travel changed, territory control means nothing more than gold now for the controlling faction. What are some ideas anyone has for faction bonuses in controlled territories?

Create more control points that give trade or crafting bonuses or can upgrade expedition drops. Something like this would create more opportunities for more companies to be involved in the war mechanics of the game,which is by far the funnest.

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OOOOH I love the idea of having influence over drops. Upgrading expeditions would be cool. Maybe mutations could be active for every expedition and the controlling company could decide on what mutation is active or something.

Yes,for sure,the possibilities of multiple new control points opens up a full potential

No company should have control over the game for other players!

  • No access blocking to any content, including mutation types.
  • Allow anyone in faction to upgrade town/fort.
  • Reduce defense bonus for territory owners over time. make it harder to horde a town.
  • Add control points for mine, log camp, tannery, and a garden for bonuses, sounds fun.
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The territory control and reputation faction points UI were all bashed due to Globalisation of New World on all Aspects, so i don t think they care about territory control anymore !

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