Ideas on how to address NW problems

Just some ideas, after every bug is fixed:

  • Healing areas and buffs should be removed as soon as you change weapon, just to make it equal to every other weapon on the game and still have dedicated healers.

  • Market taxes should be applied only when your order is completed, deflation is a severe problem on NW, but you have to pay insane taxes the higher the price is. This would help after every gold/item duplication exploit is removed.

  • Reduce taxes from houses to help non hardcore gamers stop being homeless ingame, make it a monthly payment instead of 1 week payment.

  • Items on your bag shouldn’t be damaged, I have multiple farming sets that gets broken every time and I have to expend insane amount of gold. If you have no armor equipped upon death, the higher cost armor/weapon should be damaged to prevent ppl taking away their equipment just to not repair it.

  • Put cooldown on foods, and reduce the healing amount from potions, you can just recover from 10 to 100% HP in a second.

Thats all for now… Any ideas?

No matter how often this comes up, its not practical for the game.
Also without asking for a reduction, making it monthly will multiply cost by a factor of 6, which would make it even harder to the less invested gamer.

Only repair them when you need them, let them stay broken otherwise.

Both of these points I cant actually understand, I dont know how you can not have money. I slightly could agree on repair parts, because they are much more limited with the current cap, but still then, crafting a few low level parts will instantly refill this.

I do not have money cause I suffered from market bug, and also deflation is servere on my server so anything I farm is worth almost nothing. That’s why. Cause I dont use bugs or exploits, and I didn’t invest more than 170 hours by now. I use the sets when I need them, and still need to be repaired everytime I use them.

About the monthly payment of taxes, I’m not sure you understood that price should be the same but 1 time per month.

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