Ideas to add in the future

feel free to add your ideas in the comments too

ok here goes, some things I’d like to see are :

*an option to add a note to friends list or option to let my friends list show what role im playing (healer :white_check_mark: dps :boxing_glove: tank :brick:

i always look at my friends list and forget who plays what role!

  • some pve modes ( micro invasions ) like opr but pve

  • customizable personal quests ( ie 10000 iron hide/fiber ect countdown) as a pinned item sort of like you have for pinning a recipe. you know for when you only want to collect a certain amount (:smiley: like a shopping list :slight_smile:

  • swimming

  • mounts would be nice but more for a show thing , like a ride with haste but not useable if in combat mode.

  • more holiday events , double xp/ crafting xp / weapon xp monthly/quarterly for those weekend gamers

  • option to exchange a house with a big cooldown as opposed to abandoning & then repurchasing or even upgrade options from lower tier to higher tier

*there are a lot of good skins from in game existing items , how about an option to use marks currency to add an in game skin to the wardrobe /skin list. on another tab maybe.

  • trading post currently cant sort by items owned in the sell tab

  • a company storage ?

  • Faction items GS shard upgrade would be real nice ! plague doctor outfit is nice but once you hit a higher GS they just become useless

  • lower mutated dungeons ? some people wouldn’t mind a level 60 amrine/startstone :wink:

  • raids , open world bosses

  • fun weapon ideas

  • nunchucks
  • buzz cut
  • daggers
  • long death sickle

longer server transfer token cooldown ( 7-14day) as I’ve seen people transfer to buy from another server then return the next day.

Faction wide bonuses ie
faction that harvests most in " x day period" gets 5% harvesting bonus
faction that mines most " x day period" gets 5% mining bonus
faction that completes most pve/pvp faction missions get token bonus

many more options can be thought up I’m sure

anyways thats what i can think up right now , whats your thoughts ? and do you have any ideas to add in the comments ?

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