Ideas to Help Keep Crafter Interest

I love New World. Great job on the game to AGS. I really want to keep progressing my character. Unfortunately, I’m about at the end of my game play loop because I have exhausted the aspects of the game that entertain me. I will continue to play, but my playtime will necessarily be less until some aspect changes for me. I’m sure there are others in my same position, so I wanted to throw out some ideas of what I think would make the game more rewarding for me.

My main areas of focus are crafting and trading post. I love making things and selling them for profit. Because I am casual, I have not yet maxed out several professions, so I’ll be working on those, though they are my less preferred areas. I am a master armorsmith, which was hard to attain for me, but rewarding. Without endless mats to sacrifice to the RNG gods, now I’m getting frustrated. I think I could still find value in this with several enhancements:

  1. More patterns: At max level, there are only a few patterns to make and they are boring. More patterns that could be found in the world and traded would be cool. Unique looks and attributes would add spice. Many people want BIS gear, but there are other gear options that could help a crafter sell pieces. Right now, I make a ton of legendary and purple gear that sits on the TP because it’s not BIS and that is the only thing that sells for decent coin. If there was more variety in look and purpose, I think it would help.

  2. Personalization: I know this has been mentioned a million times, but being able to put a “made by” tag to an item would be really good and motivating. Another way to personalize would be to allow the crafter to dye an item before sale.

  3. Trading Post: I’m disappointed that the trading post is from Amazon and is still so limited on the data collected and search capabilities. I would like to be able to search for all silk gloves or Fur Lined hats and get an actual result of all items with those words. Instead, there are 10 categories of each item I must independently click to see. I’d like to be able to just search a word and get all items with that word, rather than to search each specifically and exactly named item.

I also want to see how many of item x I sold, when, and how much. I would love to be able to see patterns in sales. The WOW auction house add ons are great and I know Amazon could do even better. It’s hard to play the market in a fun way when the capabilities of the Trading Post are so limited.

These are just some ideas to keep a casual crafter like me playing. I do other things and will continue to play, but my time in game is getting more limited. I don’t raid for hours or gather for hours, so the amount of fun I can have in game is somewhat limited, but I’d love to play more if the return continues to be there. I know there are more enhancements and content in the works and AGS will build on this already great game. Thanks for the effort.

I think it would be cool if you could craft skins.

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