Ideas to Improve the PVP Experience

  1. Hatchet needs reworked in that there should be no invulnerability. This is a crutch used by many and should not be in the game. No one enjoys winning a fight over and over just to have the person live. At this point, it’s almost a necessity in PVP as a crutch.

  2. Mages need a slight buff or some damage mitigation needs to be nerfed towards magic.

  3. Stamina… there’s just too much of it now that there are runeglass cases. No one should be able to run from 5 people and survive.

  4. Unbalanced teams. We should have to select dps (ranged or melee), tank, or heal when launching pvp. Make each team have an equal quantity of healers and don’t allow weapon swaps after it starts to prevent people selecting one class then simply playing another.

  5. Muskets… we all know it’s way overpowered and broken. Just simply too much damage.

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There is 0 matchmaking in OPR & Arena since launch, which was over 1 year ago. 90% of all games are complete stomps from one side and its simple no fun or even unplayable and this is a topic since launch. I am a simple computer science student and I can give you a decent matchmaking system within a week.

  1. No. It already has counters that exist in the game. You can remove the buff and make them die, root/snare and kill them after the whopping 3 seconds, etc

  2. Sort of. Before buffs I’d like to see bugged skills finally fixed like ice storm casting on top of you, skills go on CD if staggered as activating (which doesn’t happen when I use the new Greatsword absolutely ever), burnout needs grit or a shorter wind up animation, meteor shower and incinerate should be reworked completely. The final perks in both trees are lackluster and should be reworked too, I don’t even take either of them for my FS mage builds.

  3. No one is running those cases because they suck with the 3s internal CD.

  4. Def need matchmaking of some kind after cross server que.

  5. Damage isn’t the problem, HITSCAN is.