If AGS doesn't merge RTA servers, how do they expect to get participants for the next New World event?

Simple question. Hindsight being 20/20, now that the RTA event is over, how can AGS convince more people to do these events in the future?

It seems this event may have been an advertisement to never engage in a New World event again, unless they are run on pre-existing servers, or you don’t mind kissing your character goodbye. RIP RTA players. Thank you for everything you did to earn the community drops.


I dont know wtf this company is doing anymore. This is an absolutely INSANE situation made even crazier by their lack of response… Such an easy way out of this by just letting the couple hundred people left in them transfer to a FSS. But they are being stubborn about it for absolutely no good reason.

We are behind all the other FSS in progress and $$$ so its not like we would be showing up with an advantage on another server. Not that it would matter if we were with how small the pool is on these servers.

One of the biggest wastes of time I have had in 30 years of gaming. I cant believe they will not remedy this.

Easy. These people worship streamers. So if they pay the streamers the worshippers will show up.

The streamers will…the event participants wont.

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They worship the streamers though, so they will show up.

They didnt show up for the streamers for THIS event BEFORE it was proved to be a fraud you think they will after?


I feel that AGS is caught in a catch-22 situation because of their previously posted stance that no existing characters will be allowed to transfer onto FSS servers. Until they update that stance, it’s almost like they can’t take action, so they just ignore it with radio silence.

Whoever is making those decision pls stop. What i think is going on is just they dont want allow ANY possible transfer when it comes to fresh start servers because they know they will fucked something up. Imagine they again made mistake with something and people from legacy servers could change into fresh start servers, they would have lost many players.

Easy. Two reasons: (1) There’s a sucker born every minute. (2) Streamers are greedy. If they can stream it they’ll try it then throw away the toon afterwards.

As long as twitch drops are active, there will be an audience, even if they are just leaving the stream on a muted background browser tab.

They cant rely on streamers no matter how popular to keep a steady population as most streamers play various games and do not play steadily.

RTA server I am on has had like a peak pop of like 300 and like low of 100 more or less since the event is over.

The event was a masterpiece of planning. They hired a few streamers. Those streamers, in turn, convinced a few unpaid streamers to grind for weeks, for free, just for the chance of having some drops and being around bigger streamers. Then, the hired streamers in conjunction with the unpaid ones convinced masses of followers to grind their eyes out for weeks, just so they could complete some imaginary objectives.


Idk I still think it would have been better to just pay the big names to come back and play and enjoy the game how they wanted. Smaller streamers would still be able to capitalize off drops and event servers wouldn’t be dead as hell.

Like, with 4 tiers of drops and all the big names coming back, was the competition even really necessary? Was anyone even that invested in the competition from an outside perspective?

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I think it was great, for AGS, how they lured people in. From the perspective of the audience, all I saw was a grindfest and a bunch of streamers having a miserable time.

As you suggest, just having streamers doing their own thing, without a grinding competition, would’ve given a better perspective about all the different ways in which the game can be played.

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Fair point, I guess at the end of the day the event wasn’t really for the community as much as it was simply advertisement for the game.