If AGS had kept the original NW Alpha idea

I’d still be playing the game

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When players say this, I always think back to Albion. They are probably the most recent full loot full pvp game, and they struggle staying above 30k active players. They’ll hit 100k+ on bigger updates, but it quickly goes back down.

HOWEVER, how it looks, isn’t that great. That could be one of the things holding it back. Their numbers are also padded by it being available on mobile.

A game based around PvP is a risk. Brings in a large amount of griefers and toxicity, and not so many casual players.

Even though…NW really isn’t focused on casual as it is…


The biggest problem with PvP MMOs is that for good, balanced, FUN PvP… Gear cannot matter. If just can’t. Otherwise it’s not about skill.

But then if it’s not about gear, too many MMO players would say, “well why play?”

They are conflicting ideas.

You need to make gear breakable and not that powerful (to stimulate economy) but that still wouldn’t be “rewarding” enough for the modern gamer.


This is bull. So easy to design around. To approach this with such binary thinking is ridiculous.

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It’s not that hard to make a skill-based design where gear matters.

The problem is, MMO players and skill-based combat don’t mesh.

Solution: Stop catering to MMO trash.


Never quit in alpha… never got stuck on beach in alpha due to respawn mechanics and criminal system… it was more social by promoting non-criminals to form social groups for safety… had more personal customization with base building, choice of location, territory and resource control, farming… crafting was fun because of the need to constantly replenish gear due to the nature of the game…

just a better experience and a game I could watch grow with content such as dynamic events, seasonal activities, base building skins to buy, new PoIs, and unlimited potential to grow a story and progress the game in any direction they wanted

It had way better melee “souls-like” combat and didn’t seem like a dead-in progression such as the current version. It also would take the title on best graphics, polish, and gathering I’ve seen in any survival styled game.

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All I see above are PvE players making apologies by why New World failed.

Well, all PvE players left for Lost Ark. Majority of folks still playing NW right now are PvPers.
Are you so sure the game would be a failure?


Hmmm. I’m not sure if I agree. Because gear is super easy to attain, then it won’t be the better player winning. It’s the player who has more /played time.

And if gear is super easy to get… It doesn’t matter.

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You’re joking right? NW looks good yes. Runs good? Its a laggy slideshow for a lot of players. Slideshow wars. Slideshow OPR. Desynchs. Movement bugs. Incorrect weapon swaps. Broken chat. Lag Detected kicks. Stuttering, Rubberbanding. Buggy dungeons, buggy timers. Thats not what I call runs good.

Broken chat, broken sheds, broken craft stations, poor TP UI. Poor chat UI. Missing stats on character panel is also poor UI.

I could continue to write a list but I think you get the point. None of that = polished or runs good.

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If it was so easy …why didn’t they stick with it
NW Alpha was study in human nature
and players were shown to be nothing but bullies
bullied players don’t tend to stick around to provide you with your “fun”
Ergo reason why every full pvp rpg based game has folded.

Because it was easier and more profitable to make the flagging system and pretend like this game had any chance to satisfy PvE players (when they knew full well that it wouldn’t).

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I’ll use my favorite example for skill-based combat: Fighting games.

In a normal game, it’s expected that we’re pretty equal in terms of character power, that’s just how they’re balanced.

Imagine if I doubled your health bar and the damage you deal. You’d be at a big advantage, right?

But here’s the thing, you’d still have to perform well to win, because if I’m a better player than you, I’ll beat you most if not every time.

That’s what skill-based combat is about. That’s how New World USED to be. That’s what it needs to move back to, a game where both gear AND skill matter.

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It is, sounds worse though
It doesn’t run better at all

PvE players were satisfied until mighty PvP-ers started crying on forums ,pulling statistics out of their backside to get what they wanted…pvp bonus
Even with all you have been given you still make less than 5 % of player base and yet you have chased most of PvE …or Part PvE-part PvP players away

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Ahh. I see what you’re saying. If combat is deep enough, that could work, at least better than nothing. I’m so used to tab-target MMOs…

It still means that two players of equal skill, he with better gear wins. Which I don’t love but I acknowledge it’s tough to design around for the genre and the modern gamer.


Where du you play? On the EU servers I played up to now (2 different ones) it was all about the PvP.
No one cares about anything else. The PvE content is only played to get PvP gear.
If there was a play to get gear by PvPing no one would bother with PvE.
So where do you play? Sounds strange to me.
Now with the new round of transfer tokens players take it into their own hands to build new PvP based servers by coordinating transfers.

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Sure they build PvP servers
You think it will be fun fighting wars every single day
or that you will lose every war if enemy has more IG’s on their side
i play on Barri and tonight with two wars and two invasions it was like Eve online back in the day

I only had 1 war today, 1 yesterday and 2 invasions. Yes, it was fun.
Lost both too :slight_smile:
What is wrong with Eve Online now? I played that also for 10 years. In nullsec of course.
So you play on Bari. Then you know that PvPers are surely not only 5% but 95%.
Your statement makes even less sense now.

A game where gear matters will never be a skill-based… unless you are up for stun-lock or perma evade bs

If I double my attack power, armor or both… you are fucked!

“What is wrong with Eve Online now? I played that also for 10 years. In nullsec of course.”


Just because every PvP-er and their dog has moved to barri in last two days doesn’t mean a thing