If bow and muskets will be balanced then also

In Arenas BB and flamethrower build are OP. In OPR probably also, but in arenas is where you feel it more.

Flamethrower is hard to fight but not impossible. But BB is the most dumb weapon I ever saw. It is really stupid the damage it does and to stay mid range from your opponent to maximise damage is more easy than to keep long distances.

I hope maybe with the changes to light armor the things change because for some weapons like warhammer is very difficult to land a skill or an auto attack in compare with other weapons.

One of the things I really dislike is the immunity when they roll in my stunning area. They don’t really need to play intelligent, they have to roll when they see the animation and roll two steps away from me, is not necessary for them to be out of the stun area. And that’s the same for every skill.

That means that for 3 skills I use they can roll through me and use their combo as pleasure.


If you watched the 1v1 tournament on COS last night it was dominated by FS / IG / BB.

I will refrain from giving my opinion on such “claims” but I can tell you that AGS has the data with damage, % used, assists and deaths and I’m sure they will put them to good use for the next balancing.

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Bow, musket, Great Sword, Flamethrower, homing on sword and shield, all needs work.

BB…it’s only good if you manage to get rended, and you’re a light armor user.

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No, I didn’t watched.

Do you have a link to see it?

Go to twitch and watch torikutoriku video stream from last night. Winner was IG/BB.

anyone who says flamethrower is OP is an automatic noob imo, literally easiest thing to avoid, melee left clicks out damage it, it moves 2mph, has no staggers or stuns, how do u lose to it seriously? lol


Anyone who says FS is bad is an automatic noob imo. Strongest small scale weapon in the game behind bow.

we never said fs was bad

Until ranked arenas come out, any balance complaints in arenas are almost certainly a skill difference. Literally any build in the hands of a good player will beat 99% of people queuing arenas every time.


Sounds like your build has a weakness. This is how it should be.

Game needs some serious balancing changes. It’s funny though cause people love defending their preferred weapons in this game. Kind of surprising when people say the fs does no dmg when it has some of the hardest hitting abilities in the game plus majority of people should be running physical gems. However, with ele aversion being more people I can see why there Dps may have fallin off a bit. My issue with fs is just ft. It’s by for the easiest skill in the game to use dealing dmg every half second and it applies a stack of burn every hit up to 5 times dealing 10 percent weapon dmg for 6 sec… essentially like having 5 keen jagged. Sounds fair and top of it being the easiest skill to use in the game. Bb has crazy burst bat in the game. It’s a skill dump weapon. If you just have it out and shoot with it it’s not great. Depending what it’s paired with makes it more lethal. But I don’t want to nerf weapons to bad because ppl will cry. All I want to see nerfed is that stupid met shot that slows for 7 sec and 57 percent exhaust… just stupid… if a dex wep had that people would go mental and demand it be nerfed