IF dex get mortal empowerment, give healers MORTAL HEALING

If you put out 250k heals without dying, get a stack, heals go BRRRRRRRRRRR

lets make this game fair for everyone. Dex can shoot from 500m away and get 15 stacks. make it make sense AGS.


Yea because healing needs a buff… :roll_eyes:


And Bruisers Mortal Bruising

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AGS let the damage get so high because we couldn’t kill anything before due to excessive healing.

tell me u dont play dex without tellin me you dont playdex… go shoot 500m away. i hope they even load for u lmao.

Yeah and musicians get Mortal Instruments,
then they release a half-ass single movie in a decade.


I don’t really think “mortal healing” is needed…All jokes aside though, mortal fortification(fort stack on kills) maybe.

If you get 15 people cc’d in one life you get a mortal grav well that sucks in the entire enemy team for the ultimate HUGE GRAV ON MEEE


YESSSSSS I like this ideaaaaa

well dmg didnt need a buff so… ?


Or just remove Mortal emp. However I look at it it’s stupid…


I get people hate dex players, but at least hate them without exaggerating. At highest you’re looking at maybe 120m. Beyond 125 it doesn’t trigger “hit”.

I don’t want some “Mortal Heal” I want Holy Shield, Smite & Speed of Light to be given back.

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Healers should be getting a mortal wank.
That’s what they are doing basically, (healing) circle jerking.


Healers already heal enough.


where is my mortal couliflower? im offended

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Friend I am not disagreeing with you, but the good dex players are still going to be good at the game.

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The dex players that are 125 meters away are not get 15 ME stacks. Especially not bows. If I see a bow shooting from that far away I laugh and do my thing as they miss all their shots.


i have no problem with that. i have a problem with bad players being carried by an overtuned class tho. i play with good dex players and they destroy people with bad gear. thats completly fine and how the game should work.

I disagree with your point tho, bad players dont get carried by ME. It is the exact opposite. The good players become much better and the bad players still dont really have an impact because they still have to secure kills to stack the ME and not die. You need roughly 3-4 ME stacks for it to generally be as good as most other dmg perks you could roll. Those bad players don’t usually get over 2-3 before dying. I get that dex is annoying sometimes because of how many people decide to throw a bow or musket on and lob arrows or shells from 200 meters away towards a blurry red dot but removing or nerfing ME will not fix OPR, honestly it wouldn’t even be much of a bandaid.

im a terrible dex player and have terrible aim and still have no issues getting up to 10 ME stacks and im basically unkillable with a hatchet. just check your surroundings and if someone is pushing you run away and go back to your safe spot. its literally so easy and people defending this shit are delusional.

i agree with you on the ME removal wont fix OPR though. the problem is not dying to them its just theres too many dex players ruining the team balance and the overall game experience.