"If I have 3 ppl flamethowering me I cant do anything as heavy melee"

Lets try to dissect this phrase. First off, heavy melee + maybe GA and Hammer as this is a common combo for bruisers.

Hammer → Shockwave, Wrecking Ball
Great Axe → Maelstorm, Gravity Well, Whirlwind

Now if 3 medium or even just two heavy medium bruisers against an FS flamethrower? You’ll get CC to death w/o a viable counter.

Just can’t wrap around my head with this phrase from the dev video. Anyone could clear this up?


This makes no sense


yeah if 3 people are flamethrowering you don’t take the fight, walk away early, you can’t win almost any fight in a 3v1. firestaff is so insanely gutted atm it doesnt need more nerfs. and if they ARE going to nerf flamethrower they should buff firestaff in other ways, but i think its incredibly balanced atm, maybe I’m coping.

my 3 pvp builds are: medium GA/WH or GA/GS (not sure yet)

light fire staff / ice gauntlet

and light healer

All of my builds are good enough to top 5 in an OPR with favorable conditions. I’ve been playing a long time and I like to think I’m pretty decent judge of the games balance because of my wide variety of builds (I have several other side builds than just these 3 main ones)

I have to say the game already feels very beneficial for bruisers. there are literal walls around the objectives. yes they have to play with a healer to get through projectile spam, but once they’re on the point who’s going to challenge them?

they’re talking about being more heavy handed with nerfs and such but its like 5 days into the new patch. people don’t even have the meta actually nailed down yet, much less actual bis items with runeglass and such.

they’re talking like they already know they need to nerf flamethrower, like let the dust fucking settle on the last patch man

It just doesn’t make sense to have those kind people get influence in making weapon balance decisions. Have they played FS to even spit out this ridiculous sentence.


yea i can clear that up. lemme enlighten you.

both directors and devs are clueless unga bunga light click spammers and that’s the “deepest” aspect of pvp they can think of. they want button spammers stat check each other. thats all.

so according to him a melee should have counterplay against 3 flamthrowers, like he has any chance against any class 1v3.what about a mage having no counterplay against 3 bruisers? no one wanna talk about that right?

fs is the scapecoat, they are c tier at best and still actually the ones being mentioned lol.

i can’t think of any more stupid statement than that. whoever that guy is in the video, just be honest here, how many times you got pwned by fire mages that you hate them so much and abuse your dev rights to ruin thousands of peoples’ game experience?

he sounds like a bronze league player giving decisions on class balances. lol

ags should have IQ test for employment.


Ability is slow and it only takes one light roll to get out of the range. Steps to counter as mage:

  1. Easily dodge out of the radius.
  2. Use the flamethrower again.
  3. Free damage while melee is recovering.

Wrecking Ball
Same as above, but typically hits mages more often as you can catch them by surprise. The range is a bit shorter though and a good mage can also dodge this one quite easily.

Again, if you can get close enough and the mage doesn’t dodge out of it then yes it will stop them briefly while doing some good damage.

Gravity Well
Most people just entomb. It’s also possible to roll out.

??? You really running whirlwind? This doesn’t stop them or do any damage.

They’re only talking about a nerf to one ability. Hopefully, the other abilities can be reworked as well to return mages back to their former glory. This meta with FS is just bad, it reduces the playstyle to such a simplistic and low skill level.

Yes, but with large open spaces in between. Also, most range just stay outside and shoot inwards. Is this really the combat we want in New World? Shooting fish in a barrel?

Also, there are no walls around objectives in wars.

Hammer it out kid.

yeah I agree that flamethrower is a low skill ability and I don’t want to see it overtuned, but I kind of don’t think it is? I need to actually watch the dev video to see what they had to say, but I’m weary, i only read the clif notes

I have no desire to be nickle and dimed with mana costs. giving mage more mana costs just gimps FS/IG more than it already is (doesnt hurt IG/VG which is probably a much stronger class, but people don’t play it as often in OPR because its boring)

In the dev video they basically said you can use the ability for too long and the counters are easily mitigated. They talked about a scenario where there were two flamethrowers and even if you managed to stun one of them the other would continue to apply endless damage while the other recovered.

is that not true of literally every single other weapon as well though?


The keyword is 1v3 fight. Who tf think 1v3 fight should be in their favor


you’re saying that with other weapons when you stun 1 of 2 people in a 1v2 that it actually stuns both people then?

No, I’m saying when you stun someone mid-ability they don’t get to use that ability again and especially for not as long as you can with the flamethrower.

Ok I agree with your point dodge and roll. The fact that flamethrower has no CC, its just pure damage, he could time those skills and do a counter.
Now, as an FS user, once you get hit by just one CC skill from two bruisers its game over.

Remind you I’m making this comparison when both melee and FS are attacking, not dodging or escaping state.

That’s the trade-off though. You have high mobility overall but should be punished once you get caught.

I honestly just view it as auto attacking without having to aim, but only close range which is a detriment for a mage that otherwise gets to sit at distance.

If Inhave on me 3 bows/muskets or tbh any other classes I am dead, suprised ? Why people wanna face tank zergs ? Xd

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