If PTR WM scaling goes through, investing in this game too risky

I dont understand how the developers expect people to continue to invest in this game if they show they are willing to strip away many of the gains from your investment on a whim.

Why would I bother with any of your progression systems knowing that at any moment you will just decide to radically alter the playingfield by literally stripping away the value of our efforts.

Been watching the TP and finally upgraded that one slot with a hefty chunk of your earned gold? Well now that investment is worth half of what it was until you invest even more time to get back the same level of value you already had.

So the devs strip away the value of the investment and then expect even more investment from the player to recoup the value.

Um, no. Many of us will just stop investing because the product is too risky, unpredictable, and unreliable.

I agree. Why put anymore time into a game when they are taking away my progress now.

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