If there are mounts

If we get mounts, can they look at least as cool as the ones in Red Dead Redemption 2? Those mounts are realistic and move realistically.

I know we may want deer mounts (and other animals) as well, but you could still use the realistic movement from the horses in RDR2. ESO does a decent job of movement for mounts like wolves and big cats. ESO’s horse movements are inferior to RDR2’s, though.

Will we eventually be able to find horses in the wild? Tame them? Train them and sell them (like in Black Desert Online)? The horse mini-game that people play in BDO is extremely popular and sometimes that’s all the players do.

All we need are mount models/animation from RDR2 and mount mechanics (skills such as sprint, training, trading) from BDO. Mounts could be a real hit this way. Thank you for reading!

  1. The map design is not made for mounts to work, at most u would be able to have an automated mount run fast on roads but that would be no different than azoth except slower.

why do i say this ? it is due to objects and map size, within worlds where mounts work, objects and cities barely amount for 3-5% of objects with collision but also due to the sheer size of maps.

  1. mounts would prove quite problematic unless the entire combat system is rewamped.
    pretty much turning the game on its head.

so it is not becourse i dislike mounts, in fact i can think of 1 possible way to integrate mounts and that would be in the form of a caravan traveling only on roads and in order to move larger stockpiles from city A to city B but that would require quite a few limitations and more work than they can afford putting into that aspect currently.

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