IF u get DC then....u wait again for QUE?

any confrimed about that ?

This forums? There are several posts of this happening to people.

yes there no reserver spot atm, but when u get in, use the report featback ingame, to tell them to add this,

welcome to queue 13h yesterday and now have still in que about 6h server is not overpopulated :slight_smile:

omg man… damn … really annoying…
anyway thank you for answer me guys

it happen to me today. Game crash then back in queue at 900+

Its beed 2h45 so far and im 250…

u dont have back to que … press the ok on error message then wait and it automaticaly puts u on same position when u had the dc.

Yeah you will get back into queue if you DC from the queue (just press OK and WAIT - do not press “Play” again!). However if your game crashes while already in a server (like mine did yesterday, for the first time though so nothing bad), you will have to wait in queue again to get in . . . which really is infuriating.

(There have been a patch since this happened to me, so maybe this is fixed already)

Yea I have just got disconnect and now I am in queue (1830!!!)…is this really guys??? I hope there will be something in the future because its very annoying if you ask me.
It is OK for me to wait in queue ONCE before play, it is “plannable”, but this…nonesense!
Waiting for the info about compensations. :wink:

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