If you are in this forum, you care

It’s as simple as that. Have a good day.


Can we get an AMEN


No one is pretending not to. We’re bitching so much because we love the game and don’t want it to be a broken mess anymore. You realize A LOT of people haven’t been able to play for literally almost a month because of all the problems, right? I guess you expect them to roll over and say “thank you tee hee!”

White knights are the ones pretending the forums are filled with haters because they can’t accept the fact that fans are angry.


Did Joker care about the world when he tried to set it on fire?

Pyschoanalysis needed…

I like your reply. Pretty good summary of how people feel. Also, no, I don’t expect people to do anything in specific. Thanks for sharing.

Thanos did nothing wrong.

I would think he did. Why else set it on fire?

He enjoys the pain of others.

Which in a twisted way could be interpreted as “caring.”

The Joker cared very deeply about his experience of the world. When this was ripped from his life his mind became mangled.

This new experience poisoned his perspective so deeply that it made him a new man.

Being in love with his own living in the world is not the same as loving the world. As so many do his entire purview of reality was solely his own. There are places where the Joker’s cruelty is only a mirrored impression of his previous joie de vivre.

We could go on like this for days. :wink:


I’m glad you agree. Ha HA ha. :wink:

Love does funny things to people. Puts a smile on their face, or maybe a tear in their eye. I would say Joker only does what he does because of who he is. A man who cared about something, and then he had it ripped away in such a fashion that it corrupted him, and his perspective of it all. A tragic, but beautiful story.

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As a retired US Navy veteran bitching is what I do best :slight_smile: :peace_symbol:

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Well stated.

Pretty sure that was Nero…

Rome was only the “World” if you were a Roman citizen, otherwise you could say he was doing the rest of the planet a favor.

I’m here for the tears. It’s more entertaining than the game itself.

what do you mean he did nothing wrong? he failed.

I have to agree. Reading dramatic posts is good for the heart. At least people aren’t bottling it in; it’s just funny to see people whine about some nonsense or other.

"i remember when i was a lvl 80, playing NW because it held such promise… hoping and praying that it will satisfy my ESO/WoW/FF14/BDO/MMORPG addiction… how little did i know… i love this game… so much… that i must unleash my complaints online on the forums… i must be heard… "

Nice poem.