If you bought the game on steam sale you're still in your refund window

If you bought the game while it was on sale on steam you are still in your refund window.

Game has been on sale multiple times, it’s also been dead and brought back to life.
Contact the retailer you purchased the game from, Steam in your case it would seem.

Found the duper!

I literally cannot access End Game content without trading. New mutated dungeon? Lemme get some gear for that OH WAIT! Lemme go farm some new mats? Why would i do that when theyre probably gonna roll back.

Lol man I thought it would be obvious I wasn’t serious. It’s annoying yes but I’d rather have to wait a bit than the dupers get to continue ruining the economy.

You seriously gonna say you can’t play endgame cause you cannot access the tradingpost for 1-2days? XD


Cant trade crafters either

You poor thing


Damn IKR cant enjoy something I paid money for and wont be compensated in any way for lost progress.

Bro i got so many hours of gameplay for that small amount of money , just leave if your that
depressed. :weary: - :raising_hand_man: :person_raising_hand: :raising_hand_woman:


They are considerably tainted.

Probably not. They’ve rarely done that

Nice AD hominem. And since i know you’ll need it. Let Me Google That

Just give it a day or 2. You’ll be alright.

Poor thing, craft it yourself or do a couple WT’s. The town post isn’t needed to play end game.

Yeah, I should have known and bought consumables for the whole month

AGS is teaching us to prepare for the upcoming world crisis

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