If you can't fix the bots, PLEASE just add more monsters to bot spots?!?!?

For example this area north west of Weaver’s Fen:

Good mote farming spot, but for some reason there are barely and monsters here so bots are here daily.

I was farming there and I sent a report for these two guys:


But of course, no one at AGS cares to actually ban bots right now. Instead you’re working on new content first in January then waiting to deal with bots until February! TWO MONTHS AWAY. Ridiculous really. So how about you do something easy. Just get one person on your team to find spots that bots are farming and move/add monsters to those areas so its harder for the bots to work there. It’s completely demotivating for me to start farming at 9pm and I see bots there. Then I just give up and call it a night. I try again in the morning, and the same bot is still there! Farming all night. They probably made a fortune through the night getting thousands of motes, while I feel like a chump still playing this game.

GET IT TOGETHER AGS. BOTS SHOULD BE YOUR NUMBER ONE FOCUS. All you need to do in the spot I showed for example is add a couple of more monsters in this area. It’s so easy. There is no reason to wait until February. You can probably get this done in 1 hour before the next patch.


The developers are completely incompetent, the reporting system does not work completely, the bots have been alive for two months!!
English is not my first language, so it may contain errors, sorry

It’s pretty ridiculous that this isn’t the top priority for the game right now.


Adding monster is not a solution, i have been encountering these bots more and more and they can actually spam left click and kill them all… even using health potions in the meanwhile… The game seems to be ifnested by bots since they realized they can get in a few months of profit before a perma ban, totaly worth it if they RMT the gold to values between 250$-800$ and only paying merely 30€ for the whole game. EZ money.

BOTS should be an emergency operation at AGS right now. You should have at least one dedicated GM for each realm, and a few for each high pops. I could literally take care of this issue in 48 hours on my server if I had rights. There is no excuse.

I guess you’re right. It’s a very naive solution, but they need to do something about it instead of wasting time worrying about dungeon mutations and increasing gear score. Their priorities are so messed up right now.