If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

This is for all the people who just hate for no reason, AGS and New World is doing fine without your toxicity :slight_smile:


New World is doing fine



Your grandma teach it for you? Someone said the same as the title here. Looks like you also do not learn the lesson of this statement

I do what I want

“If I were an AGS DEV, I would say YEEEEEEES!!!”

What about buff pvp players on New World Forum too! Hahaha

Stop with the Twatter catch words…nobody “hates”, and a difference of opinion is not “toxicity”. I guess you’re “offended” and it probably “triggered” you…go find a “safe space”…how does it end? uwu kek? think that’s the flavour of the moment.

/rolls eyes …youngsters these days.


Wilful ignorance in the face of criticism is dumb business.
What you advocate is childish and has far reaching consequences for a business where feedback good & bad is crucial.

This is an idea my parents (I’m 42) drilled into me, and it is NOT in keeping with the modern generation.

I agree with it, though. A return to this ideal would really help online communication.

The same good and old Eguzky strikes again


With all due respect, I don’t think you have any idea of what smart business is.

All the feedback that is necessary is the bottom line. Are people logging in, and are people spending money in the online store. That’s it. That’s ALL that matters. If they want to hear more, there are surveys.

In your very response you throw around insulting words like “childish,” “dumb,” and “willful ignorance.” From your mentality comes toxicity, and I think a lot of us have had just about enough of that.

ags hires posters this is one of them disregard

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in the last thread he was saying he was John Smedley , who ever that is… guys a big troll

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You say

All the feedback that is necessary is the bottom line

But the devs say…

We appreciate your continued feedback as we incorporate more challenges into Aeternum.

I think I’m going to believe the dev and give them all feedback.


You do you, brother.

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Who put you in charge again? I mean if AGS does not want my feedback they should make a statement that says

“We are tired of you all complaining and asking for changes. Only say nice things or nothing at all.”

Then I will shut up. And leave.

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“AGS and New World is doing fine…”

Those of us with experience in software development disagree. I had no issue with a lack of mounts or swimming but this recent bullshit of downgrading or deleting items from inventory is too much. The apparent stealth nerfing of PVE gathering and grandfathering those who pushed crafting hard in the first six weeks while telling everyone else to pull themselves up by their boot straps is nonsensical.


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