If you need to buy more expansion let me know and I'll leave the game

To play in new areas, in a future of the game, in a future of the new world, will I need to buy again? (ex: expansion pack)

if the answer is yes, let me know to start looking for another game…

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Also let us know if you are going to merge servers again when appropriate, please. If the answer is “no” I’ll just move on.


I paid dearly for the game in my country’s local currency, I found a game full of problems, having to keep paying again to be able to play in new areas I will look for another game if yes the answer here

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I paid 80 euros for forza horizon 5 and I didn’t play even 3 hours because of how bad the game was, instead I paid 40 for new world, but I’ve been playing for more than 2 thousand hours, you don’t know that it’s really a bad game, buy forza horizon 5 and you will know.
stop complaining, the game is in development like any MMO, they are always in development bringing content, even the lost ark, come full of bots and P2W, 2% pvp and nobody complains.
If they release an expansion, I pay for it without problems, just like I did when ARK survival came out and everyone said it was a poorly optimized game, seeing it now is a great game.

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it’s easy for you your local currency in your country has value and good inflation,
for us with worthless currency we pay 10x more… not everyone has the amount available…
buying good computer parts here is 10x more expensive… energy and other things to keep us online… everything more expensive because our local currency is bad…privileged like you don’t think about others…

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Most likely the answer is yes. This is a B2P game and expansions is part of how they make money instead of charging a monthly subscription fee.


but I already bought it to play, will i buy it again and again forever?

if this is it for sure many like me will abandon it, i hope it can change, if they think about doing it this way, because the first stage of the game in which we paid was disappointing

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This is how most MMOs work. Expansions are usually a large amount of new content and have a lot of development time. Expansions almost always cost more money. Usually a lot cheaper than the base game so it will probably be 15-20 us dollars I would think.

It looks like you are new to MMO games.

Expansions have always been and will be paid in MMO games.

You can still play the game, but you can’t enter new locations.
But the first expansion in NW should be free if they want to bring players back.

Just wondering what country are you from?

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yes that’s what I’m talking about, we bought a game with many basic errors of cloning items, cloning gold etc… error on the part of the developers… to launch a game like this… as a reward for having this first part so broken… the players that remained. …to be able to play this new expansion for free when you see it…

if they can release expansion to buy with in-game currency (GOLD) very fair that for everyone!

I don’t think they would do that (I certainly wouldn’t).

They can, of course, introduce donated currency, then players could trade between each other and buy extensions for it.

Price per hour of value this game is cheap,
So if an expansion costs bring it on

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Highly doubt it, then it would become pay to win to access dungeons, resources, or loot drops only available there.

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Dont be ridiculous, their pricing is super fair, no monthly fee, i’ll gladly pay an expansion pack for that fact alone.


It’s not rocket science to figure out ummmmmmmm this is a B2P mmo. Expansion packs have always been a buy deal unless the mmo is setup as monthly sub when expansion pack’s released and bc they sub’d up they are allowed access but again, no sub, no play unless you buy. This is farrrrr from a idea/concept…


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