If you release this the game will lose over 20% of its players base

@Kay @Luxendra you need to make sure they dont release these balance changes PTR and November Balance Changes
let me explain why.
So the changes will be removing the use of magic and range completely while buffing the two strongest weapons in the game being hammer and great axe.
If you want radical changes please refer to the post below for good changes that will increase the viability of builds and keep things fun and balanced.
Updated: Some different balance changes idea (all a PTB suggestion instead of what we have) - #19 by Psymon


kinda just magic, musket is buffed in the ptr and bow is getting some slight nerfs? but the GA buffs are 4 hed.

musket is still trash the buffs didnt fix any of the actual issues.

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musket is not trash. if you can’t aim it’s trash. it’s only trash against heavy armor, which yes, is the core issue, agreed. Still, they need to revert the musket rate of fire buff because it will break the game vs light armor and maybe medium, and they should buff the armor pen passive by like 15-20%.

Also, I started training musket and am 12 mastery in int gear…317int/60 dex cause I main fstaff rapier so I can swap out, and I’m still shitting on people. This weapon is so easy. If I was a proper +dex/int split it’d be easy mode. The only thing that’s really bad is the double reload/reload bug where it doesn’t reload at all. With that fixed it would feel nice.

Even though I’m a mage and yes it looks grim. I won’t stop playing. Where do you get your “20%” claim from? Wasteful pinging of devs because of your spicy opiniom.


Bow is not getting slight nerfs, it is getting gutted. They are removing the core gameplay mechanic to combo AimDownSight into a Penshot/Poison Shot followup. This is the only reliable mechanic to throw off dodge timings and land abilities.


Great axe only one buff/rework on aperk that dodn’t work as intended. I’m happy about that 0.25 root cause mobs leaping putside my attack after a pull was infuriating.

Hammee getting buff on the damage tree, while it’s actually not the one people use in pvp, so will not change anything.

Fore staff nerfed on auto and crits, i kinda see why, but they need to nerd lights and heavies but buff spells then. This one feels weird for sure.

Not sure since i don’t play bow but i see it deals way too much atm, don’t know how all those nerfs will play out for you tho.

Life staff nerf was needed. Specially sonce void gauntlet will be out with another buffs and heals available. People tend to forget about light armor buff and void gauntlet for healers. I actually think healers will be even more OP now.

Rapier buff is appreciated, weapon was underused.

Spear : idk much about it

Hatchet : i’ve never been fan of the throwing skill tree

Muskeet : idk, i yhink it needs a complete overall, the core abilities are totally not enjoyable

Ice gauntlet : thank god.


well that’s pretty cringe, sorry brother. musket looks like it’s going to be insane with the increased base rof and shooters stance buff, I’m training my musket rn incase I want to make a dex build. Tbh though hopefully they take another look at PTR and re-tweak stuff.

ice gauntlet isnt even strong unless you forget to push shift. one heavy dodge avoids everything it has. only thing it needed changed really was the stun having a 2s CD not a 5s root.


as a main bow user… i’m not happy, it already requires practice and skills to use.

kids dont even know what is being buffed and are complaining already…
ice shower is a long overdue nerf…

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You are casual.
I have Unstoppable title and I have musket lvl 20
Musket is trash for hardcore pvp, no dicsuss


It’s only bad against heavy armor and in wars. You just play more than me then I have war hawk and all I do is pvp. I’ll get unstoppable pretty soon lol it’s just a time investment. And it’s bad cause double reload bug and shit like that but once that’s fixed it’s going to be even better.

My musket mastery is 13 and I have a 564 musket with full int gear and only 1288 weapon damage and still shit on anything under heavy with musket lol. It’s so easy. Just don’t miss. My friend who mains bow/musket is 430 dex and can 3 shot me as a mage from render distance. MuSkEt iS bAd

if they dont remove nerfs there wont be a game to play. this solidified hammer and GA with heavy armor. no one will die everyone will be perma CC and nothing will have any viability outside of that.

I agree. If they remove the delay to dodge after every attack, then this would make sense, but I see nothing in the patch notes to assume they will.

I believe they be attempting to do something like League of Legends patch notes, and buff the strongest, and gut the weakest purely off of player rate of a select group of people.

That actually sounds like a personal problem. You seem to be standing still, and you are unaware of them in the distance?

Obviously, if it’s a 1v1 & you can’t get close enough to hit a one shot fireball they will win. Try being in a war with a GA user sprinting at you; the Bow is gonna do nothing, and the Musket is gonna get a trap out. If it hits, the ranged wins. If it misses, the melee wins.


Hey, losing 20% is normal at a release !! :))

Bro you can jump out of every CC the ice gauntlet provides. There was already a counter to it and because noobs are too dumb to press space bar it needs to be nerfed into oblivion? GTFO great axe andy i know anything more than left click is too hard for your brain.


I agree bow and musket in war is trash, i’m talking about wpvp and OPR.

yo ucan jump out of gravity well too. what is your point?