If you want to play OR with no log-in queues, come to Metsola - EU

We need players to avoid the 1h queues. There’s no queue to join the server, but rather than move away from the server, we have a healthy-ish balance, almost (marauders 1 settlement).

Or transfer to a high pop server and get 1 minute outpost rush queues :thinking:

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I can stay on my high population server. Do a one hour queue during peak time to log in and still have a shorter OR queue than you.
If anything, you should move to a more populated server.

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Well, we have about 1.2k players peak time, I think.

Doesn’t high pop have a larger chance of queueing up to play though?

You could always queue up and do stuff in-game I guess.

That server is not healthy, just like most others its dying bro. The server only managed to hit a high of 800 at weekend. That is bad.

My server Annwyn is heading the same way after being one of the top 3 player wise for the first couple of weeks, now only managing a peak of 1400 on a weekend.

1400 is still good!

I say below the 1-1.2 mark is when we think about alternatives.

Hence my ask for players to move to Metsola, it’s god a good community.

Its 800!

Outpost Rush have no incidence in the world. They should make it server cluster queue

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