If you're seriously quitting the game I'd like to seriously take whatever you're no longer using

This is not a “Dur dur dur. Bye quitters” post. I’m genuinely interested in anyone who’s quitting the game’s leftovers since you won’t be needing it.

I see so many posts about players quitting that I’d be willing to make new characters on different servers just to take whatever you have off of your hands.

If you really are leaving the game let me know so we can set up a trade before you quit. The game’s definitely in a very bad state so I can completely understand.

But since I can’t get a refund either way and I want a damn MMORPG I can actually enjoy playing again, I’m OK with sticking with it to the end to see if this ship sinks or start to float again. If the former happens, I’ll make sure to take all of your stuff swinging down with it.


Look at you trying to capitalize on some free loots.

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Better than going to waste in my opinion

Congratulations :partying_face:

You’re welcome

The thing is, those of us you see on these forums who stopped playing, are weirdly enough still interested in the game, (which is why we are still on the forums) and if things improve drastically would maybe consider coming back. The people who have left without posting, aren’t interested and likely uninstalled. So my character’s stuff (not that she has much) is staying on her…just in case a miracle happens.

I’m giving it a couple of months to see if AGS pull their socks up, start communication, start listening to why people left, and start implementing some of the good suggestions which have been made for example the OP in the thread I’ve linked, would have brought me back in a flash (the original thread was closed down and hidden by mods, but luckily he reposted it under another heading) Suggested changes following user feedback


Where in the post am I insulting?

Are you really willing to come to a dead server for 18k gold? Come to Hubur and i will give you all i have.

As someone said above, I’ve quit for now but have remained in the community so that I can return when the game is in a better state.

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Your not on my server. I know this because nobody is on my server.


I’d be willing to make a new character on the server and trade. I’ll figure out something to do with it in-game.

I can make a new character, trade, and figure out something to do with it eventually.

That’s not the quitting I’m referring to. That’s more of taking a break.

I mean the people who say they’re completely done with the game.

If I hadn’t deleted my character, I’d consider it. I mean, literally nobody else I was playing with plays more than once every two weeks, so it didn’t really make sense to give it to them. Plus, we were all casual players and they’d end up dumping my stuff on the ground just like I had to since I couldn’t get anything to sell on the Trading Post.

If I could do it over, I’d hold an essay competition or something and see who is most deserving of my stuff. Then, I’d check their forum history and make sure they weren’t an asshole.

its so weird thinking you’re entitled to someone’s stuff they worked for

Sounds like a gold seller collecting easy pickings bro

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Why would anybody take the time to meet a stranger and give him his pixels?

Either way, if you think its strange that people are quitting but not willing to give away their belongings to strangers you are a moron. People are still attached to the work they did in this game, even if its 95% chance it will go belly up at this time.

I had a guy contacting me to “buy” my account a couple days ago, but no way im giving my work away to somebody i dont know. Why should i?
Even if i never come back to this game you still dont deserve it, its that easy.

If I understand you correctly. You want to take the loot you don’t even need because your main character is not on their Server and you don’t want their loot to be wasted BUT you hope the game comes back and gets good „again“? Which would mean those players that would have came back once it’s better can’t come back because they have away everything. My friend stopped playing on the same server. He has like 40k gold still and pretty good stuff to sell and make even more money. I make fun of him asking him to give me the gold but he says no. Because he wants to come back after future new updates and look if it’s playable and enjoyable again. Imagine I take everything off of him. You think he would come back? A good playerbase is a good way too keep a game living.

Another begger post… get enough of these in game… give me stuff!!

I personally will delete my stuff, just to make sure, you do not get it.

Where’s the entitlement in the post