If you're seriously quitting the game I'd like to seriously take whatever you're no longer using

Begging should be against the rules in TOS.

Ok. I’m down with that.

Record you deleting your stuff and post it here.

Gold sellers wouldn’t bother trading people. They can just keep farming it on auto.

Nobody’s begging here. Thanks for taking the time away from complaining about muskets to stop by though.

Then your friend didn’t actually quit the game. He plans to come back someday.

If you’re really friends and he gave you his stuff, wouldn’t you give it back to him or at least help as much as you could if he did come back?

And if you couldn’t for whatever reason friends would just play the game together and get back up to where they left off.

You can have all my furniture.

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100%. That was the first thing I thought when reading the post.

Well, he quit for now. Call it whatever you want but he won’t play it for few months and if there are no real good news then maybe even years. It will take several updates and especially fixes to feel the urge to come back and try things out. Thing is, I am still playing but not as much as I was playing before. I hop on, do my Chest runs and look for groups to farm WM. If I can’t find a group within 20 minutes I quit. Sadly my server is low populated and we have many PvE / Farmers that enjoy crafting. Nothing wrong with that but most Endgame players are either playing with their company with PvP flagged now or they like to use the low population to farm even more and better before merges. Then you have me looking for a group for a long time. Besides that i don’t need stuff or gold right now. If I were sitting at 1k gold i would ask my friend to help me out and I definitely think that he would give all his money to me because like you’re saying, I would give it back or atleast work for it an pay it back … or he says I don’t even need to repay him.

I love the game! I’ll second this lol if u are quittin I’ll put your gold to use !

I’ll take all the repair parts! And if you find an earring that helps counter this obnoxious afk timer.

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