IGN gave this game 6

Well deserved :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: loving it

That’s a generous 6 if anything.


I forgot IGN was still around. Thought they got shut down a while ago.


6 for the initial 30 levels, after that it’s barely a 4.


What or who is IGN?


Old school video game news site. Not many really trust them anymore cause it seems they give reviews by $ signs.


Yeah IGN scores mean as much as their reputation - nothing. It’s a shame towards the start they were actually not that bad.


Well, how it’s possible it ‘‘seems’’? then what media gives 100% reliable review, may i ask?

You killed it with that comment.

You’re 100% right; it’s a 6 (above-average) upto level 30.

After that, it’s zzzzZZZZZ

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IGN. People still care about that site?
Reviews/scores are worthless.
They can be nice to read during downtime but ultimately all that matters is if you enjoy the game and not what anyone has to say about it.


Oh I‘m absolutely convinced that no gaming journalist that gave this game a green rating (70 or higher) on MetaCritic leveled beyond 25.


What about game informer?

It’s just one persons opinion. I browsed it, and it was a bad opinion.

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I love this game but 6 out of 10 feels pretty spot on. The bugs and exploits and other things have been horrible but I enjoy farming onions and stuff.

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Yup, i think all those green rating reviews came out too fast and are rushed. IGN’s review is much more reliable and trustworthy when it came out now and result is what you would expect. 6 or less is what this game deserves.

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I guess it all depends on what you consider worthy of a 6.

If this was a single player game at release, I wouldn’t give it a 6.

As a MMO I would give it higher than 6.

People that rushed to 60 and want to play like they are trying to break the game are not going to enjoy it. I doubt very much at release they would have a better experience in any other MMO either.

None do, that’s why I don’t watch the news or trust reviews by anyone other than people that I know have played the game.

Just 1 score.

It’s scoring 70% across 30 major review sites.

Here’s my review:

If you like PvE and you are on a busy server with plenty of groups available to join, it’s a 9/10 game.

If you prefer to play solo and are on a low pop server, it’s a 5/10.

Bottomline: the game is fun or boring depending on how populated your server is.

This game is extremely dependent on large populations on servers and when people aren’t logging on as much, the game is not fun.

Amazon needs to make more incentive for solo players for when the masses drop off.

On that same site the user score is 4.8

User Scores are trash.

They are susceptible to review bombing.