Ignore the nay sayers and toxicity

With all things considered and the endless list of what could have gone wrong, New Worlds continuation after launch has been quite acceptable. Players fail to remember or acknowledge the shit show put on by many other gaming ip’s on launch day, such as Fallout 76, No Mans Sky, and various WoW and Destiny 2 x-packs. And these games were released by veteran companies within the gaming industry, so by comparison, Amazon Games has done a great job mitigating issues and keeping the servers up and going considering this is their first major release in the big time. Server ques are a kick in the baby maker when your hyped to get in and tear it up on launch day and beyond, but they are practically non-existent now. Unfortunately, we have players whom have, 3 weeks out from launch, managed to hit level 60 and are now acting like spoiled children, whining about lack of content and minor bugs. First of all, the bugs are being taken care of and as far as new content goes, it is underway. It’s not AZ’s fault that you rushed to 60 and skipped a good 65 to 70 percent of the base content. You can’t throw a temper tantrum and expect AZ to push out more content just for you, get over yourselves. There is plenty to do in New World after 60, so go back to everything you skipped and tear it up or go back to WoW.

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There is plenty to do after 60 so the “lack of content” accusations are totally false, people just expect more content to substitute for all the content they skipped.

People act like AGS is not working their asses off behind the scenes to fix current issues and just keep “dog piling” in the forums. Hell, I just read a topic posted in the ART department complaining about new cosmetics in the store! Like seriously, its a pay to play game, they have to fund it somehow. Instead of whining about the things that need fixed, and AGS is working on them, how about you negative nancy drama queens congratulate AGS on this visual masterpiece of a game that no one else does like they have? Take some time to appreciate the world and all the details that come together to create New World. Such as the tree tops blowing in the wind, the echo from mining which changes based on the environment your in, entire trees falling over with full sound effects as you log, the wood chips that spray out when you chop a tree, being able to hear other players as they run by you through foliage, how every blade of grass blows in the wind, being able to hear the actual wind blow and the sound it makes based on your location, the damn goats that ram you in the ass to knock you down before they run away, the climb mechanics, being able to see the fish as you reel them in, the emphasis on era correct armor (and weapons to a point), the extra details added to crafting stations and towns, the list goes on and on. New World is a great game and the devs deserve their due credit.


I personally found there’s much to do but at this point with rampant exploitation to win Wars, there’s no point to any of it.
AGS needed to turn off Wars when the first exploits were found.
They definitely needed to turn it off when the invincibility cheat was found.
They did neither and because they haven’t even punished the cheaters, the cheating is even worse.

I gave NW a Thumbs Down on Steam and I urge everyone to do the same until AGS takes tangible, just action.
Don’t let others buy the game and discover this rampant cheating only after it is too late to get a refund.

These false-positivity threads really need to stop. If you don’t agree with criticism that’s one thing, but to say everything is fine and there’s no need for valid critiques is just poison for the longevity of the game.

Especially the “then leave!” mentality is so toxic and really has no place here. That’s a solution to nothing except anticipating the death of this game by telling everyone who has criticism to just go away. Stop.


To be fair, most complaints were about things being broken:
Azoth staff preventing portal closure, thus preventing Dungeon runs
War filled with cheats
Invasion/War only at set times of a day, so limited.
Professions - subtype of player, plenty don’t like that side of games and in this one it is even less appealing due to going through lots of effort to rely on luck to make something good.
Quests - finite number of these unless you count Board quests which are just busy work and fairly pointless
Exploration - doesn’t take long to see everything, the map is fairly small and its not like you find new exciting mobs anywhere, heck most the PoI’s are cut and paste jobs.
Achievements- Really scraping the bottom of the barrel when your content is just getting meaningless achievements.

Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying the game, but then I am not 60. But of all things to do in that list, the mainstream ones were all broken in one form or another (and Outpost Rush) leaving only ‘specific taste/Killing Time’ type things to do. So I see why people are annoyed. Finding no content at end game is a common issue for a new game, finding basically every ‘mainstream’ content at end game is broken is something else.

Cash Shop haters will always whine about that when a game is not running perfectly (which is all of them) as if the cash shop ‘fluff’ makers are the ones doing the coding

Dont worry, i always ignore these kind of folks. Besides the issues, im enjoying the game…turned level 45 last night. On to 60.

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Yes lets review bomb a game that just released because it isn’t perfect yet. Do people really think that AGS is not working on these issues? Im not saying don’t criticize, my post was about players claiming that there is a lack of content but failing to admit they skipped the majority of said content on their race to level 60.

I agree there is much which needs tweaked and fixed but I do not believe New World is a shit game because of this nor does it deserve review bombs from angry children who don’t understand the process that must be taken to fix the issues. Code must me isolated and examined, new code must be implemented, tests must be run over and over. Nothing is as simple as re-writing a line of code and then clicking save. The complaints have become just as toxic as the cheaters and exploiters.


You’re 2 IQ creature and your post is worthless.

Yes you can ignore all of this and get a much nicer forum if you bought the $60 version

It is worth noting that Elevate is contesting the idea that they used the exploit. For now, I think we should say they have been accused by some that fought them in wars, but I have no personal or first hand accounts of it.

That said, many, many others do and your overall point stands.

Amazon doesn’t need apologists right now, they need to understand that bugs running rampant while they know about them and wait several days to take action is unacceptable, when the exploits in question are as egregious as they are. People spent weeks building up towns only to have them taken away by people using exploits that Amazon knew about for at least several days.

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Fair enough, innocent until proven guilty.
Are they contesting that they are going to ruin the server settlements and transfer though? That is still against TOS as griefing.

They said they never said it (but they did, or at least one of their players said it in global chat. I don’t have a screenshot though).

You lost me here. Why are we not allowed to hold AGS to a higher level of expectation than what we had to endure in other MMOs?

Shouldn’t they have learned from those developers past mistakes?

Shouldn’t they have more advanced software/hardware in place then was used on those launches?

Shouldn’t the game developers they hired from previous game developer companies have come with experience they could share from their leadership roles in AGS?

Shouldn’t they have learned and listened to those that alpha and beta tested the game?

Shouldn’t they have had time to fix issue since they had four launch delays?

Look I love New World. The world, the sound, the graphics are spot on. However they made mistakes and unless they fix them we will see this beautiful world end. To judge is not to be toxic. To demand fixes is not to be toxic.

Mile wide, 2 inches deep.

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i’m enjoying my time in the game, been through plenty of new expacs and launches in other games… i knew there would be issues, and so far other than the usual asshats of bots and exploiters, which every game gets sadly… for a brand new game it’s been pretty good.

that’s not to say there aren’t issues, i’m not blind to them, but i’m also not going to condem a brand new game from a new company without a chance. the game isn’t that bad to warrent it, it’s definitely not vanguard broken. as long as they’re continuing to deal with exploits, bots, continue to tweek and fix the game, i’m staying.

As an MMO veteran who has played them all, I wholeheartedly agree with your post. Unfortunately, however, most of these kids will only read the title or first two sentences before replying.

The gaming community as a whole has gone way downhill from what it used to be.

It used to be coders and gamers and everyone sharing things and helping each other.

Now its just a bunch of people who run around dumping on everyone and thinking the world should revolve around them.

They believe people like us are just NPCs to their RL world where they are the hero, the center of attention and therefore the most important person here.

They say the brain doesn’t fully mature until you’re 25. Most of the people complaining were in preschool when WoW came out and weren’t even born when the first MMOs were out.

Why should we be taking advice from someone with such little experience that obviously doesn’t understand how the genre works?

We shouldnt.

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