Im 24lvl but i still dont have the azoth stuff

I honestly dont even know what’s going on. I dont have anything named azoth stuff on my inventory or in my storage. No quests available for the item and i cant even buy it. What do i do?I thought maybe i salvage’d the item but people told me you cannot. I need the item but i cant find a way to acquire it.

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Press the hotkey “J” to open your journal and follow the main quest line. That will take you through all the azoth quests. It is entirely possible to level to 60 without doing a single main story quest.

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Azoth is just a “coin” that you get as random drops and quest rewards.
At rare occasions you may find bottles of suspended azoth in crates and these can be sold, traded or used (salvaged) by yourself to get azoth points.
Azoth is used for fast travel and to empower crafting.
You can see your current azoth balance by pressing TAB and looking at the bottom of the screen, it’s listed with the coins and weight.

I’m pretty sure he meant “azoth staff” not stuff. Which means he probably didn’t pick up the next quest in his main chain, or hid the quest. Or doesn’t realize that the main quest is how you craft your first staff.

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