Im 3/30 crafting legendary bags/Tools (595-600). Anyone do better?

Just curious how unlucky I am compared to other crafters. Burned all my mats and then some trying to craft legendary bags and tools. Ended up with 3/30. I love when games make me feel bad. You would think that after getting 200 crafting, 3 trophies and all the expensive gear the chance to hit leggo would be greater than 10%. Should be like 1/3 imo or better using daily cool down mats.

I don’t even know how many weeks of dailies it would take to make 3 legendary bags at 45 runic leather a shot.

Gotta say, I’m not wasting mats on them.

Not worth it. WAY too costly to roll right now…

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3/30 isn’t TOO far from the expected 5/30, but yeah, that’s expensive.

Is it possible to improve this with stopwatches? New armorer here.

took 34 rolls to get all 4 tools upgraded

5/27 here. They’re absolutely not worth crafting right now

Why can Azoth, Loyalty and Extra Pockets be rolled on the same bag but we can’t get multiple Burden perks (the ones that reduce a specific category by 10%). This would make sense because they’re bags

AGS is really out of touch

Would be a very nice bag, but it would be not in line with the rest of the crafts… ward-x, or buff-x are always in the same bucket for most things.

I did about 2/16 pick axe, 2/5 logging axe, 2/5 skinning knife, 1/30 harvesting tool, 0/5 bags

total about 7/60 I believe.

Basically I made one of each tool for me and sold 1/3 legendary tools for 30k so far. 30k is cheap for the cost of man hours and days to collect/make materials. It took me about 30 tries to get one legendary harvesting tool.

My successes were mostly all in the beginning 5 of each made for tools. then I went about 30 misses on the harvesting tool and 5 misses on bags until I was out of materials. It felt deliberate to have so many miss in a row after a few decent successes.

Just thrown 250k gold worth of materials for a 0 / 20 legendary bag craft. I used crafting mod after AGS stated that now it’s fixed and you can obtain 5 perk bags. What a waste of money, I could of just bought 2 BIS bags off the current market by selling the materials instead. Thanks AGS.
LE: just crafted 10 bags without using any craft mod and made 3/10 legendary bags. For what-ever it’s worth, I don’t think this bug is fixed: Crafted tools and satchels not providing the 600GS perk

> Currently fixed. We are planning on releasing compensation in the future. Please see the patch fix notice here . 1. To get all 5 perks, do not use a crafting mod. We are currently working on a fix.

I made 15 bags and got 2 600’s of course with no buff perk because I use the luck perk.

I made 53 various tools and got 1 600. I really took that one on the chin. At least the 600 had the mote perk. It was not competely bad I did manage to get each tool to have the extra resources, extra luck and gathering speed on them.

Please note i had a full set of the gear. I used the best mats. I had the best food and the town buff - so I was doing the 595-600 rolls. (I also had 3 of the high end engineering and armoring trophies in my 3 houses.

For me it worked. I was planning to roll 60 bags, but after 10 attempts I already had 4 legendaries. All of them had the buff perk. But I did not roll with the luck perk, but with extra pockets. If I am ever goiing on chest run again I’ll slot 2 of my old luck bags + 1 of the 4 new ones which also rolled luck.

Did not roll any further, because on my server the market is loaded with bags.

and by the way: the buff perk stacks as expected. Food lasts about 60 minutes instead of 40.

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