I'm a rapier user. I spent 20 levels as Blood, then switched to Grace. The power difference was huge and immediate

I’d seen some people talking about how the rapier’s Blood tree is underpowered, and I wanted to find that out for myself. After newbie-ing around with a weird mixed setup, at about level 25 I decided to just go all in on Blood and try to make it work.

I did… kind of… but it wasn’t really pleasant. When the game recommended new areas to me, I learned that I had to wait several levels to actually go there because I couldn’t comfortably fight mobs that were equal to my level or higher.

Today, at level 46, I ventured into Mourningdale for the first time and found myself having some trouble with the mobs, so I decided to make the switch, and went all in on Grace.

I went from having trouble vs. two same-level mobs to being able to just completely shred 3-4 level 47 mobs at once (and even clean up respawns that appeared on top of me, under some duress and with the use of potions).

I’m not enough of a theorycrafter to confidently state exactly what I think is wrong with Blood, but I wanted to relate my own experience here to add to the voices asking for the rapier to be looked at.

The fact that I experienced such a profound upward power shift after spending only a few minutes in an unfamiliar spec seems… unnatural.

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