I'm back after 3 months and

And is terrible.

I did some arenas and OP and seems like everyone is using bow spear.

Healers in arenas heal a lot. You need very good dps focus to take them down. But if the healer is also good you can forget it.

Builds that can lock down and comple or almost one shot players are at the order more than never. Is not about combat and skill but more about try to perform a one shot combo or flee and wait cd are over.

I thought this game was oriented to a tactical combat but nothing more far away of the truth. Because players with 625gs and bis have an incredible advantage over “normal” players. They are not something better than others, no, they are op in compare normal people. They hit a lot harder and they receive a lot less damage.

Also arenas are still bugged. You can not see your trait or name at the end of the match. And after every match I have to log out and again in to be able to queue. Otherwise it says I need to wait 23 hours .

Is like a joke to laugh about. I don’t know what are devs plans but it seems is going to take them a long way to put this game in a good position.

What do you expect after 3 months pause? Join arenas and crush it with zero experience? :wink:

Ah yes the 625 debate.

They are beating you because they are better than you by miles because you quit for 3 months. They also outgear you because you quit for 3 months. You can get to 625 in a weekend. Its a skill and effort issue.

How sad that u just came back and could not kill all with ur rusty character.

Game sux so much cuz not all returned player are winning everything.


thats because healing is too OP in New world, and healer is so hard to kill.
If you go kill dps, the healer will keep him alive.
if you go kill healer, you wont be able to kill it and also you will be CCed and killed by his dps.
so either way you lose.
only way you can do is to do big burst dmg and hope it kills the dps, if it didnt work then runaway and wait for cd to retry.
The burst meta is the only and not effective way to counter the OOOOOOP healing.

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Sounds like you try to 1vX and fail

Sorry everyone’s dismissing your issue. These are problems that every new player and returning player is facing and it’s a big reason that many players are not staying or if they have already left, they are not giving it another chance.

I agree that healers still create a terrible play style, every single match that I have played was always more enjoyable when there were no healers. It is not fun watching all of your damage negated by Sacred Grounds. Healing is balanced just using your health pots and somehow Amazon thinks it’s ok to add that much more healing to the game. Life staff should have always had the healing potential of the void gauntlet.

625 GS is just fine. I know a majority of people would prefer not to have to do that grind but it does show effort for putting in the work, It still is a typical mmorpg. Although the dedicated PvP players are still gaining an advantage with some of the new PvP Specifc perks. Amazon has just really dumped a lot of new stuff that has moved the line for MidMaxing but my hopes is that they slow that down and focus more on balancing and fixing it’s game.

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