IM BROKE! please do something

Im just playing the game, but im broke.

Im lvl 60 in a faction with 1 area, so i bought 3 houses for 5k each to be able to recall and transfer my resources. Buying a game for 40$ and not having the same bank space because i chose to play on the underdog faction, is simply an horrifying feature. Its so bad i DONT HAVE WORDS. And no, you dont deserve it.

I craft alot, so i need to move things around because different areas have different workshops.

To begin with, i had alot of money i earned on quests and sold items on the marketplace, but guess what, im not doing that many quests anymore, and now i dont sell much stuff either, and if i do, its for less money.

Yes im sure i have respecialized my character 10x ( 500 G each) because im still not 100% what kind of class i like the most, but this is just playing the game right? So i PLAY THE GAME. And im broke.

Yesterday after paying rent on 2 of my houses i was down to 150g.
Sure, i respeced again, and used 500 on it, but it made start thinking why i couldnt play the game without going broke? So now ill log in and start doing all the fringe quests to stabalize my economy.

Im going to sell my houses, and change to a faction that has several areas. I cant change to the largest i guess, but atleast the second best option.

Im questing, im doing expeditions, im selling on the marketplace, but im broke?
IM LVL 60 for &%¤¤# /&%¤#
I was the first lvl 60 in my company.

And im broke.
No fancy houses, just tonns of crafting and questing.

Ive tried to play the marketplace, but i feel im just beeing undercut, and economy is tanking tbh.

Remove the repair expences, remove the 500 GOLD for the respecialize, and for THE LOVE OF GOD, dont punish people that play on underpopulated factions with less banking options.
Ive paid 40$ like everyone else.


So what you’re saying is: “I spent all my money, I’m not farming for new money, I bought houses that I couldn’t afford the continuous payments for, thus I’m broke.”


Is this an ironic post OP or are you serious?


lol. heartbreaking, seriously.


So you’re not actively trying to make money, and yet you’re complaining you have no money.

You can easily make a lot of gold from farming T1 materials like Rawhide and hemp, and after today’s patch you can farm flux, tanning etc. for a sizeable amount again.

You can also change faction or wait to change server if you’re unwilling to actually go out and farm gold.


Has to be sarcasm, didn’t even consider that.

No thats not what im saying, im saying i have played 10x as much as most people, and are doing normal MMO activities, but im broke.

I should be rich, after all the hours i have put in, but im barely managing to keep my head over the water.
Someting is terribly wrong with the game economy, i have never experienced this in any MMO.


Normal MMO activities include actually going out and farming gold if you want to have nice things.

Try doing that.


Im 100% serious. Its that bad.

If you have a good economy, its because your not playing the game.


Yeas you put 10x times as much time into the game. Into money-consuming activities like crafting. Not into money-making activities.
If I spend 40 hours working I’ll end up with more money than when I spend 40 hours shopping.


I have been farming, but mostly for crafting.

So you are telling me that just by playing the game i need to farm something to stay solid?



I have 2 houses, but my time to pay taxes hasnt happened yet. Im almost 60 so there wont be quests to do anymore?
Isnt there like a lvl 60 chain quest you can do?

Anyway Im not having any problem with money, I doubt Im getting all my gold from just quests, I dunno what youre doing wrong? You say youre on a low pop server? Im pretty sure if you sell iron/steel ingots for like 1 gold they will sell pretty fast?

Find a town with high green wood fee’s go chop tree’s, undercut and sell it there. People undercutting you in the market, undercut it back. Make multiple undercuts, undercut yourself. rofl.

This is wrong. This is an MMO, its not supposed to be work, ill do that in RL.
Im working har on skilling my crafts, shouldnt that be enugh?

It’s the same with life, isn’t it? You have to make money to keep living.


i think OP is not farming the right things is what i gather. OP is probably farming mats to level crafting skills LOL and not farming things to sell.

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So you spent all your gold on respecs and 3 houses, and you want the devs to fix that for you?


This is correct, but i was one of the first 60 on my server, and im broke just by playing the game, how is that right?

An MMO is not for you if you think you deserve to experience 100% of the game with no work put in.

Maybe try Animal Crossing, I heard they just had a big content update :slight_smile:


Well then you’re crafting trash items that don’t sell. That’s just poor ressource management.

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