IM BROKE! please do something

Then don’t spend money that you don’t make. You can get infinitely rich by “just playing” because mobs drop ressources and money.

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Not put the WORK IN?

Are you FRIGGING kidding me?

You said it.

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But you have spent 5000 gold on changing your mind, you have 3 houses which at the VERY LEAST is like 10-15k, you have just wasted all your gold. Also the fact that you move mats from place to place, do you do it manually or are you literally using the feature, that costs gold, to move stuff?

You need to go out and farm. And not spend any of it.


I think the game tells you that you should avoid taxes :stuck_out_tongue:

But honestly I do agree that the economy is quite broken atm and its quite unbalanced but that is because the supply is higher than the demand, also the less need for crated things. I sell bags mainly and for now it seems steady but that demand will drop really quick since the server is capped population. Since the game is’nt changing its ingame money sink cost for things like real life would if the economy would look the same it drains peoples money just because of that.


Im not crafting items to sell, im crafting items to skill up my craft.

Besides, the market is tanking, its not much money to be made by selling casually, and im not spending my time sitting there flipping for coins. ITS A GAME.

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and Iron ore will always sell very well and quickly.

You are the most entitled person I’ve seen post, and on these forums, that’s a badge of honor.

“It’s a game! gimme gimme gimme!”

Grow up.


Go fishing, sell the fish and the oil it always sells almost immediately. Farm Hemp like the other people said, and rawhide, and basically anything that is on a town board hand in. It is not hard to have money in this game, it baffles me why people think it is. In your case, it’s massive waste of gold and lack of foresight.

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That is just temporary tho, when all have skilled up that demand will drop quick, iron and hemp is the mid tier profession gap which is quite large, but after that it will drop.

I have concluded that this is a trollpost. Nobody can have such a warped way of thinking. Had me going there for a little, nice job, OP.


Still need iron and hemp to refine t4-5 materials it Will never stop selling, Albeit perhaps not as well as atm :ok_hand:t2:

So you are telling me that i should spend time IG by farming materials i ALSO USE for crafting and sell it to survive in a MMO?

Nothing wrong here?
So by playing 300 hours+ and beeing lvl 60 its normal to bleed money in an MMO?

OP has certainly blown a lot of money, but that doesn’t change the fact the game economy design is in a seriously bad position atm. There are way more gold sinks than gold generators, so once the money from new characters leveling has largely worked its way through servers, you have huge deflation happening.

Only made worse by not turning off invasions for the first month, or maybe having their level ramp up over time. So instead, territories are just auto-losing and getting downgraded left-right-and-center, taking even more money out.


So you want crafting levels without losing any gold at all. You literally want free experience, and the developers are just supposed to give that to you?

Go farm some T1 mats, make 1k with 30 minutes of work, and stop complaining.

If you want some tips, there are dozens of boars north east of Weaver’s Fen, you can get 5k rawhide in about 15-20 minutes if you have an Orichalcum skinning knife.

There’s an amazing iron ore route in the north of Firstlight that can net you about 4k iron ore in 30 minutes.

There are hemp routes everywhere but you can get a huge injection (about 5k in 15 minutes) between Restless Shore and Mourningdale.

I just gave you three ways to make over 1k in half an hour. Assuming you’re not an idiot and you actually got property tax cut perks from your standings, 1k will cover all 3 of your properties.

30 minutes of work for 5 days of having 3 houses.


The game is sucking out more money than is coming in. Especially at level 60 you can’t generate enough money with the steep repair bills.

Selling stuff on the tradepost doesn’t generate money. You can make money sure, but it won’t solve the issue that the overall amount of gold seems to be shrinking while goods supply is going up.

That’s a formula for deflation that we are seeing right now.


since im right as you explained i will give you the best advice like you will give me
I will first off give you mad credit for you being one of the first level 60 in your servers and in that respect you cant be beat.

But in terms of how to play the game you did nothing but farm levels in a game that has tons of trade skills that gets you cash
so you pretty much have to get good man.

which would be the best advice that you can give me to hit 60 faster LOL

IM BROKE! please do something

Yes, let me give you guys a solution so you can mindlessly farm these things all day 24/7 with this mindset that you have to do this for the game to be sustainable.

I swear, every farming location video that’s out right now has people farming these locations for these things all day every day and its kinda frustrating. It’s also why there’s such an insanely overwhelming supply and a huge overwhelming lack of demand.

there is no doubt that something should change with the economy, the most clear and obvious change they could make is to give people who are level 60 more gold for quests and activities that would otherwise grant experience. This would bring them back to the town board for one thing, and help with town upgrades etc.

But splashing out for 3 houses and 10 respecs is always going to smash your money, in any game.

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Clearly this game is not for you!

And funny thing is, u are broke but having 3 house ffs.

Im not broke, I have 70k gold and still only bought one house so far, considering for my second because of the tax.

Learn how to play the game ffs.

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