I'm confused about the house tax system

So, my town has a tax rate of 6% for a 20k house that is 1200 gold, but I have a duction of 25% at the time of my first payment, it took all 1200 gold where is the 25% off from?

Or is my town tax rate 10% and I only pay 6% due to the all the hard work I do for the people in the region. Now I got another reduction but looks like my tax rate is still 6% as I enter the town.

Where does the regional tax reduction happen?

  1. Is the reduction shown as the base tax rate when you enter towns?

  2. If so what’s the base tax rate of towns without my regional modifiers?

  3. Why is it 7 days for the first time and every 5 days after? Now I have to do math and try to
    make sure every 5 days and not like every Saturday, that I have to come up with 1200 gold.

  4. When I get two more houses how will I be able to plan to pay my tax’s then they never fall on
    the same day? I have a life outside of this game its sucks but I think most people do too.

Well down time is almost over see you in game.

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