Im done chasing items

I hate to say it. i have been a big advocate of New World for its entirety. Ive ran out of things to do and started hunting rare items. I had a handful of them to get… flintlock pistols, golden steel storage, pirate jewel box, grassy rug, pirate anchor… you get the point. a HANDFUL of things to find. I got alot of them.

With brim they added a couple dozen furn schematics and items in the same loot pools. I feel like the devs are trying to make me keep playing by giving me more almost unobtainable items.

THey replaced content with grind… again. man that sucks to say.

The game was worth the price, I definitely got my monies worth, dont get me wrong. But I am putting it on the towel rack until something with purpose comes out of it.


May your wait be shorter than you hope!

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New World really needs new content and basic features badly.


You don’t like grind?

Grind is good. Master the art of grinding turns you into a robot machine that performs a task in a loop without questioning existence itself.

Then in some years you will be an old man that learned and can do nothing except grind in a virtual game. And all because every time AGS release new content was nothing more than guess what?

Exactly… do you see now the truth or you need the red pill?

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How would you want them to change it tho?
If there wasn’t a grind, and you could get the items right away wouldn’t it be too easy then?

I am in the same spot as the op. these items shouldn’t be the chase item in a game like this. they’re pointless items. the recipes they’ve made chase should not be chase in brim. they’re basic house items that should drop much more regularly. they aren’t even good. and they’re not a reliable grind item. the odds of getting them outside of trade is infinitesimally small. you chase but you know you will probably never ever drop one. it’s not good. and you pretty much HAVE to have the flagged luck on top of all the other luck so that can be an uphill battle because doing brim flagged is @ss.

the problem here is the reward system is borked. the gearing system is borked. it needs a massive rework. when all you have to grind for is housing items that are tied to yet another borked system to even show off… it’s chasing a carrot you know you’ll never get that isn’t even worth it if it WAS attainable thru grind. the odds of dropping these chase items are as ridiculous as winning the a multi million dollar powerball.

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Well, you and the op are totally right. These are items that shouldn’t be too hard to get.
But I also think they shouldn’t be too easy. There needs to be some balance there.

If everyone could easily obtain these they would lose all value, and the people who make money off selling the actual furniture would be out of a job kinda.

The items I don’t understand are hard to get are some of the music sheets. It’s literally just a song you can play. You can get the same buffs playing a different song that is way easier to get, so why make some music sheets harder to obtain?

IMO, no MMO will be more than grind anymore, the story of FFXIV’s Endwalker will never be topped.

What items you grind so hard ? So there is something worth to grind “named items” my daily routine : do daily scarab run for 30 min, do arenas, OPR and log off ? from time to time do some dungeons ?

If you want 30 rep level of Ebonscale for a nice house, you’re gonna do some trade board grinding for sure.

I dont mind an obtainable grind. I would hate to see the stats of how many chests i have opened, or how many miles i had ran in ebonscale.

My gripe is taking entire collections of furniture schematics and making them as rare as something like the Golden Steel schematic. Having some rare items is awesome. cant tell you how excited i was when i got my pirate jewel box or brass telescope. BIG dopamine hit.

The issue is the HEAVY player could run elite chests everyday for a year and never see a single one of these items. having a handful of these items… awesome! carelessly dropping entire furn schematic collections into this loot pool, not well thought out.

I firmly believe we should add a couple items into this loot pool that can only be found in brim. but 90-95% of it belongs in other chests. where the grind is obtainable.


exactly. never said wanted it to be easy but not impossible either. basically all I did was chest runs. I even ran chest runs just to get them in in slow times. I stacked all luck and I never saw one of these items drop for me. everything I have I ended up trading for.

if someone is chasing hard after months should be able to say SOMETHING dropped of the rare pool. fact is, with the chances available I could spend 5 hours a day doiing all the chest runs now available and not see anything super rare drop in the next 47 years. considering these are housing items and schematics of no note… it kind of makes them not worth chasing.

but as far as those walnut and lazurite schematics… they shouldn’t be worth more than 5k ea. they should be things that drop somewhat regularly. if they’re going to add more super rare they should also be super cool. not just slightly different colored than what we already have. but they still shouldn’t be as rare as winning a rl lotto. if you’re talking grind it should really be about gear and weapons. random housing stuff that no one needs falls into the category of stuff no one really needs. just addressing the people going but this is mmo… grinds exist… they do. yes. but this is ridiculous and pointless. I’ve done so many chest runs and with a lot of people. I’ve never once ended a imp with someone saying OMG I got the fishbowl. not once have I seen it drop for someone or me. i do imp mulitple times a day even after I got the elite chests for other housing items to drop so i’ve been there for a lot of chest runs. I’ve never seen it called out in general chat omg I got one to drop!! never. all of the golden chest schematics I’ve ever heard of come from furnishing. I don’t think the new stuff is in the pool for furnishing. I think the rare housing items should be in that pool too. (all of the claims are from when I still played this game. I quit at beginning of December)

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