I'm done with you enabling the worst kind of players

I quit. On my server, 200 peak players, you’ve done nothing but encourage the worst kind of players to ruin the experience for the rest of us. We have one faction with 100 players another with 50 and the rest are in the other and are rarely on.

The faction with 100, has been declaring war on our towns, then mass reporting anyone in my faction that uses a curse word… and you’re actually banning them. Then we can’t fill the war board for war and they take the town. We were already at a disadvantage and then you cut property taxes but payout full value to the companies that own territory, now widening the income gap so far between us and the larger faction that they completely own the server.

My server is dead and your banning people for 72 hours for saying “fuck”? Give me a break man. Your game is literally dead and you can’t let the people keeping it going play. Everyday someone in my company drops something in discord “banned.” Some haven’t even cursed but got mass reported… The other faction will shit talk us in global, unafraid because we don’t have enough people to mass report them to a point of getting banned, then if we respond and say shut up you’re ruining the server, we get banned. Unreal.

Merge us into another server or give everyone another token… this should have been done 3 months ago. But instead of merges you rolled out a shitty void gauntlet patch that broke the entire game and gave ppl with furnishing leveled a mass advantage because they are the only ones who could improve their trophies.

Instead of merges you dropped a Thanksgiving world boss one week after Thanksgiving ended. Are you guys ok? Do you have any idea what you are doing?

Instead of merges you reworked the entire watermark system, instead of merges you broke angry Earth mobs. Instead of merges, you broke wars. Instead of merges, you broke all trading, instead of merges you made the worlds time skip into the future. Instead of merges you banned people from your dying game in the name of safe spaces in a violent video game.

I hope everyone of you look at the steam chart and know this is because you don’t know how to develop, moderate, or communicate.

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