I'm Factionless

Currently, level 34, my gathering level is 100+ (Fishing is lvl 50)

While playing alone and focus on gathering, finishing town quests/projects, and refining/forging, it made me think of something random.


The Mercenaries - Factionless from the beginning or tried all three(3) factions plus quest to be a mercenary.

Bounty Quests - Players putting bounties to other players (Payment: Gold or supplies) If a mercenary accepts the quest (Max: 3 Mercenaries) They can see where the player’s location and must kill the player three times (3x) to complete the quest. Death means you fail the quest.

Moving resources quests - Moving stuff from a settlement to settlement. (Town points or gold awards) PvP players/Mercenaries can steal/destroy the cart you using and get something from it.

WAR - Can join wars and pick a side! Mercenaries love money and hate high taxes.

PvP - You versus any faction plus other mercenaries.

Money - Instead of faction points, they receive gold.

Company - Able to join one?


Fishing pole - Cosmetic would be nice.

Infuse - Infuse in-game armor to current armor the player using like skin/cosmetic. (I don’t know if we can do this, can we?)

Waiting for Halloween event and cosmetic (Drops and game shop) Portals? Random enemies spawning around the map? Quest?

Mounts? I know players already requested mounts.

Auto traveling using the road?
Or Manual?
Slightly faster?


Great sword?
And more or
One season, one weapon?

You guys have a good day/night.

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