I'm forced to defend my territory at Christmas while AGS is in holiday

Congratulations :partying_face:

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Blink twice if you r held hostage infront of your PC . Just retake it after , companies who pushed for war for this day suck - none gona like em , but it is not smthing that AGS should’ve been interfering with .


I was forced to eat horrible meat like product.

I have a feeling you would find a way to complain if wars were disabled. Just deal with it, not everyone celebrates Christmas.


Its just a game. Who takes this stuff that seriously, lol?

Only once you’re forced to defend your Settlement from Wars and Invasions over and over do you realize that Settlement defense is actually NOT what people want in the long term.
People are here to play a game how they like and when they want. Not sign up for a job they need to show up for – which is what happens with Wars and Invasions. Your time is controlled by someone else. Unless you want to give up the work and progress you made.
Does that sound fun? Answer that question after 5x, 10x, or more. And see if you can get 49 more people to have the same answer as you do.

Happy Holidays I guess to you and whoever you can actually scrounge up for defense.

Wars and Invasions would be a lot more fun if they were completely separated from real Settlement control by players. More people can play them like Outpost Rush, instead of getting kicked because the governor doesn’t trust you to show up. Or is win-trading to get his friends on both sides of the War an easy payout.

It’s more relaxed and easier to exploit the system than actually play as intended. The system is short-sighted and should be changed. There are numerous exploits and issues that would be fixed immediately and opportunities for more players to engage in the game modes.

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I’m sure your thesis is very thorough… but you need to go outside.

Solution in 3 mildly easy steps:

  1. Give up your Settlement
  2. ???
  3. Play the game how you “Really want”
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Another bottom feeder I see.

Well, i hope AGS devs had good Christmas dinner while someone else didn’t enoy the same way. Even Conqueror’s Blade that is from chinese company suspended wars not only for christmas but also for other holidays. When chinese are more respectful than AGS u should be a bit pissed. But hey, enjoy :slight_smile:

We found the oldest, misbehaving child this year people! No chrisi presi for you? Aw no!

You realize this is just a video game right? Why would you care? You sound like a miserable person. Hope you enjoy the holidays and can get over this and maybe find real things to care about. Cheers.

Never let a video game control your life. That pro tip is free.

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Go back to pve

Looks like owning a settlement isn’t for you my friend, anyone with an iota of a clue understands that defending your settlement is literally like 50% of the end game. You have the option to cease owning a settlement (if you really hate defending it, why own it) so you should probably do that and enjoy your play time more.

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